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11 years - "leading the way to the new storage frontier"

Trebia Networks - circa 2003

Trebia Networks delivers innovative system-on-silicon solutions that power the next generation of storage networking products. Beginning with the newly introduced SNP-1000® and SNP-500™, Trebia is creating a host of processors targeted to key storage networking applications. Trebia's SNP products greatly accelerate FCIP and iSCSI, enabling storage networking OEMs to deliver enterprise-class features for IP Storage applications while reducing cost, complexity and overall time-to-market required by alternative solutions. Incorporated in July 2000, Trebia is based in Acton, in the middle of Massachusetts' high-tech corridor. For more information, visit Trebia Networks on the Internet at

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  • editor's comments - in October 2003 - the assets of Trebia Networks were acquired by Emulex
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the problem with flash SSD  write IOPS
the Problem with Write IOPS - in flash SSDs
Repeating write operations in some apps
and some flash SSDs can take orders of
magnitude longer than predicted by IOPS
benchmarks and latency specs.
Time goes by - in the "play it again Sam"
scene intrinsic to databases - discrediting
long established performance modeling metrics.
New Directory for AoE Storage............................
Editor:- February 15, 2010 - published a new directory for AoE (ATA-over-Ethernet) NAS Storage.

Although this NAS mode first hit our news pages in 2003 - support for it hitherto has been miniscule and compatible products are only available from a handful of vendors.
AoE storage Will 2010 be the year that it all changes? Maybe. SSDs could play a part - because less latency is wasted in this low level network storage interface.

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