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WorldStor is a leading Storage Service Provider (SSP) offering robust data storage services for e-businesses. Specific offerings include Data Storage, Backup, Replication and Professional Services. WorldStor's expertise and enterprise-class infrastructure allow for guaranteed availability, scalability, and security. WorldStor helps companies of all sizes reduce time-to-market, alleviate IT staff shortages, and most importantly, protect and deliver their critical data. For more information, visit WorldStor at www.WorldStor.com or contact the company at info@WorldStor.com.

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Hard disk drives on
Megabyte discovered that a magnet could
come in really handy for a hungry explorer.
Squeak! - the Fastest Growing Storage Companies
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This is the 6th annual edition of this popular article, and is compiled from analyzing the reported results from the top 1,000 storage companies.

The top 3 companies had over 300% year on year revenue growth.

If you're looking to team with successful storage companies or want to emulate their success, this article will tell you who they are and the market segments they are in. ...read the article

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