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Aarohi Communications - circa 2005

Aarohi Communications is a leading provider of Intelligent SAN Components and FabricStream™ Software, enabling high performance, scalable and cost-effective implementations of a next generation storage and server infrastructures.

Aarohi provides award-winning intelligent storage processors and intelligent storage adapters to the industry's leading storage system, network and server blade vendors to deliver intelligent storage solutions that access, classify and move stored data — at wire speed. Founded in 2001, Aarohi has raised over $46 million to date from venture capitalists and corporate partners including Telesoft Partners, Kennet Venture Partners, Intel Capital, Infineon Technologies and McDATA Corporation For more information, visit Aarohi's web site at Aarohi is headquartered at 405 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose, California 95134 and can be contacted by phone at +1.408.434.6064 or e-mail at

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When you read something about the SSD market which seems to contradict something which you previously held as a working hypothesis - what do you do next?
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