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Storage news - 2006, May week 1

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BakBone Still Failing to Count the Beans

Editor:- May 5, 2006 - BakBone Software today confirmed that the company's accounts are still in a mess and that the company's shares will be de-listed from the Toronto Stock Exchange on June 2nd.

The company's auditing problems have been going on for over a year. This doesn't seem to have affected the popularity of their backup software (which continues to win awards). BakBone is one of the top 10 storage software companies ranked by's reader pageviews. It's lucky they're in the backup software business and not the accounting software market - otherwise their failure to count beans correctly might deter more customers. ..BakBone profile

STORAGEsearch Reports Top Searches in April

Editor:- May 5, 2006 - reports on readers' changing interests in April.

In April 2006 pageviews grew 61% and readership grew 34% compared to the year ago period, maintaining the long term growth momentum of the past 12 months. The top 3 subjects viewed by readers (out of 70 storage categories on our home page) were:-
  1. Hard disk drives (as before)
  2. Solid state disks (as before)
  3. NAS (as before)
Disk Sanitizers, which had shot up to the joint #3 slot in March, dropped back down to its previous ranking just outside the top 20.

The fastest upwards climber in the top 20 searches was Serial Attached SCSI which moved up 3 places to #11.

The most popular storage article was once again the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide.

For the first time (in more than 7 years compiling these rankings) Seagate made an appearance in the top 10 company profiles viewed by readers at #9. For more information on the top subjects etc see Market research

Will Phone Hard Drives Kill the iPod?

Oyster Bay, NY - May 4, 2006 - hard drives in cellular handsets could spell the beginning of the end for portable MP3 players - says ABI Research.

Samsung's SPH-V5400 was one of the first handsets to include hard drive technology, offering 1.5GB of storage back in 2004; since then we have seen Nokia's N91 with 4GB, and most recently Samsung's SGH-i310 with 8GB.

"As the cellular handset becomes the one device that the world carries, the standalone MP3 player may well be left behind," says Alan Varghese, ABI Research's principal analyst of wireless semiconductor research. "What's important to many users is having one device that handles mobile music as well as the other functions - phone calls, digital photography, email, web browsing - now performed by mobile phones.

At present, portable MP3 players still lead in their memory capabilities: high-end devices can hold as much as 30 or 60GB. But Varghese believes there is a point of diminishing returns beyond which a user doesn't care whether the device can store 2,000 songs or 7,500. MP3 player vendors may try to defend themselves by offering even greater disk space, but over time they may still lose market share. The latest update to ABI Research's subscription Wireless Semiconductors Research Service explores hard drives in cellular handsets as well as many other topics....ABI Research profile

Editor's comments:- I don't have a cell phone. When my opinion was sought by a marketing group that was designing new phones - what features would be needed in a phone to make me switch to mobile voice technology? - I said - a built-in electric razor, torch and tv remote might swing it. My iPod doesn't have those.

QLogic Reports 15% Revenue Growth

Aliso Viejo, Calif. - May 3, 2006 - QLogic Corp today announced its financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended April 2, 2006.

Net revenue from continuing operations for fiscal 2006 was $494.1 million, up 15% from 2005. Income on a GAAP basis for fiscal 2006 was $121.8 million.

"I am very pleased with QLogic's fiscal year 2006 performance," said H. K. Desai, the Company's chief executive officer and president. "With annual revenue growth for HBAs in excess of 20% and switches in excess of 35%, we are confident that the continued execution of our strategies will support our ongoing growth expectations." ...QLogic profile

Nimbus Uses LSI Logic HBAs in SAS System

San Francisco, CA - May 3, 2006 - Nimbus Data Systems today announced that the company's products will incorporate advanced SAS technology from LSI Logic.

Nimbus solutions will utilize LSI SAS host bus adapters in its Breeze MX4 and 10G line of Unified IP Storage Systems. By utilizing SAS technology, these Nimbus systems offer the flexibility of supporting both enterprise-grade 15,000 RPM SAS hard drives and cost-effective high capacity SATA hard drives in one versatile storage solution. ...LSI Logic profile, ...Nimbus profile

Emulex Completes Acquisition of Aarohi

COSTA MESA, Calif. - May 2, 2006 - Emulex Corp announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Aarohi Communications.

The terms of the acquisition include a transaction value of up to approximately $39 million in cash, contingent consideration, assumed debt and assumed Aarohi stock options, plus employee equity incentive compensation. With the completion of the acquisition, Emulex further differentiates and expands its product portfolio to serve the 10Gb/s data center networking and intelligent storage platforms market segments, which include storage virtualization. Emulex will leverage Aarohi's strong engineering teams in San Jose, California as well as Bangalore, India, and anticipates the Bangalore site will become a primary center for research and development expansion over the next two to three years.

"We believe Aarohi's 10Gb/s data center networking and intelligent storage platforms, along with expertise in both Ethernet and Fibre Channel technologies, fully complement Emulex's already diverse product portfolio and provide the foundation for continued success in the industry" said Paul Folino, chairman and CEO of Emulex. ...Aarohi Communications profile, ...Emulex profile

Quantum Acquires ADIC

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 2, 2006 - Quantum Corp. today announced a definitive agreement under which Quantum will acquire ADIC for approximately $770 million.

The two combined companies had revenues exceeding $1.2 billion over the last four quarters.

"Joining with Quantum will deliver tremendous value to both our shareholders and customers," said Peter van Oppen, chairman and CEO of ADIC. "The combined company will provide a single source of intelligent and innovative backup, recovery and archive solutions that enable end users to reduce costs and more easily protect and manage their business-critical data. The combination will also create a stronger go-to-market infrastructure, with larger and better leveraged sales and service capabilities through which we can offer greater support to customers." ...ADIC profile, ...Quantum profile

Editor's comments:- the tape backup market has virtually no prospects of long term revenue growth, but will persist for perhaps another 5 years. Many technology markets become very profitable in the last few years of their life due to the declining numbers of vendors and decreasing competition. Although disk to disk backup competes with tape and has moderated the cost of tape systems and media (upto now) there will come a point where the tape market is too small to maintain technology developments at declining cost points. Users who have not switched out of tape will then be ripe for creaming with higher service costs, higher media costs etc leading to high vendor profits. There will be more mergers and acquisitions in this segment - as it's the only way that vendors can achieve revenue growth.

60G UDO Drives Coming to USB

Denver, CO - May 2, 2006 - Plasmon today announced that it has achieved major milestones in the development of second generation 60GB Ultra Density Optical storage.

Plasmon's R&D facilities in Colorado Springs, USA and Cambridge, UK have successfully completed first phase product development demonstrating full specification 60GB UDO media capacity and 12 MB/sec sustained read performance. Available with both USB and SCSI interfaces, the first shipment of pre-release drives for integration and testing will be provided to Plasmon's software and OEM partners before the end of 2006. ...Plasmon profile, Storage Media

Cybernetics Chooses TimeData for iSCSI Protection

Barrnington, NJ - May 2, 2006 - Cybernetics will include TimeSpring's TimeData continuous data protection software with its iSAN Vault line of iSCSI storage solutions under a new agreement announced today.

TimeData captures all changes to Windows application data as they occur and understands important application consistency events, such as checkpoints and transactions. All data changes are immediately transferred for protection on the Cybernetics' iSAN Vault iSCSI based storage array. Installation is simple. Users connect the appliance to their Ethernet network, give it an IP address and install the TimeData software on their application servers. Once installed, the system automatically and continuously protects data without scheduling, backup windows, or slowing down Exchange, database or file servers. Users can easily recover complete or partial data sets to any desirable points in time.

"The iSAN Vault CDP appliance does not leave users vulnerable to protection gaps such as those between scheduled backups or data snapshots," said Martin Aherron, Vice President of Cybernetics. "That's what customers are really asking for and we are pleased that we can now meet their needs with an easy to use and affordable solution." ...TimeSpring profile, ...Cybernetics profile, Disk to disk backup

Pegasus Shows Blu-ray Archive Support

San Ramon, CA - May 2, 2006 - Pegasus today announced it will demonstrate the world's first Blu-ray RW/WORM archive and compliance storage solution next week at Symantec Vision.

The Pegasus InveStore software will be running with Symantec's Enterprise Vault and NetBackup Data Protection products. Panasonic's new Blu-ray drive, capable of using either 25GB or 50GB RW or WORM media will be shown in a DISC library running with Symantec's Enterprise Vault as an Email Archive and File System Archiving archive data repository. Symantec's NetBackup will also shown using removable WORM media as part of a complete backup and archive solution designed to provide NetBackup users with cost effective WORM media support as part of a backup infrastructure. Pegasus has been selected by the suppliers of Blu-ray drives, media and libraries to be the first to show new Blu-ray storage hardware as a result of Pegasus' long experience and reputation as a leading supplier of file system and media management software for archive and compliance applications. ...Pegasus profile, ...Symantec profile, Storage Events, DVD, Blu-ray and Holographic drives

PresSTORE 2.2 Accelerates Intel Mac Backups

Unterschleißheim, Germany - May 2, 2006 - ARCHIWARE today announced the release of PresSTORE 2.2 which provides native support and a 5 to 10 times backup speedup for Apple's new Intel based Macs.

The update to version 2.2 is for all 2.x customers free of charge and can be downloaded from ARCHIWARE's home page.

"PresSTORE's support for multiple platforms makes it an increasingly obvious choice for any enterprise that has Macs in the mix." said John Yardley, Managing Director of UK distributor JPY. "With the increasing amount of data being produced by graphics, audio and video, fast backups and archiving is important. Parallel recording to multiple tapes slashes the time needed for full backups, meaning there's more chance of data being saved" ...Archiware, Backup Software

VLSI Technology Veteran becomes LSI Logic CTO

MILPITAS, Calif. - May 1, 2006 - LSI Logic Corp today announced that it has named Robert L. Payne to the post of senior vice president and chief technology officer.

He will report to Abhi Talwalkar, LSI president and CEO. Payne joins LSI from Philips Semiconductors where he served as vice president and general manager of system technology and architecture in the CTO organization, managing multiple global engineering teams conducting applied research in the areas of systems design, media processing technology and high-speed serial communications for consumer electronics applications. Payne will be responsible for charting future technology and platform architecture advancements. He will also play a key role in promoting the company's position as a recognized thought leader and innovator in the consumer electronics and storage markets.

Payne brings more than 35 years of technology management and engineering experience to his new role. Prior to joining Philips Semiconductors in 1999, he held executive and management positions with VLSI Technology and Honeywell Inc. Payne holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and an MBA degree from the College of St. Thomas. ...LSI Logic profile, storage chips, Storage People

Idealstor Offers Ejectable SATA D2d

Gaithersburg, MD - May 1, 2006 - Idealstor announced today that it is supporting ejectable SATA drives (as a high speed alternative to PATA) in its disk based backup systems.

Compared to its original offering based on PATA or IDE drives, the new SATA offering increases backup speeds from approximately 50M/second/disk to up to 150M/second/disk. Support for SATA will be added across Idealstor's entire line of products, and on the Idealstor Backup Appliance, will be offered in configurations from 1 bay (500GB) of storage up to 8 bays (4.0TB). Its FrankeNAS product will also include support for SATA RAID and SATA ejectable disk backups. ...Idealstor profile

OS/400 Users Get Bridge to Spectra Tape Libraries

BOULDER, Colo. - May 1, 2006 - LXI Enterprise Storage and Spectra Logic today announced a strategic partnership.

LXI's OS/400 Backup Director multi-protocol bridge-router, an IBM emulation bridge, can connect iSeries/AS400 data center users to any Spectra Logic library or stand alone drive. The LXI device allows access to any drive type in a Spectra product, which can include AIT, LTO, SDLT, SAIT or RXT SabreDisk. Pricing for a SCSI configured OS/400 Backup Director begins at $10,490. ...Spectra Logic profile, Tape Libraries
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BakBone Still Failing to Count the Beans

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Will Phone Hard Drives Kill the iPod?

QLogic Reports 15% Revenue Growth

Nimbus Uses LSI Logic HBAs in SAS System

Emulex Completes Acquisition of Aarohi Communications

Quantum Acquires ADIC

60G UDO Drives Coming to USB

Cybernetics Chooses TimeData for iSCSI Protection

Pegasus Shows Blu-ray Archive Support

PresSTORE 2.2 Accelerates Intel Mac Backups

VLSI Technology Veteran becomes LSI Logic CTO

Idealstor Offers Ejectable SATA D2d

OS/400 Users Get Bridge to Spectra Tape Libraries
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Megabyte settled down to pen a convoluted
reply to an apparently simple reader question.
. is #1 for Storage on MSN

Editor:- May 18, 2006 - although Google is the search-engine which gets most attention in marketers' thinking - Microsoft's MSN has been slowly and steadily improving in the quality of its results and soon there may be little to choose between them.

How do you judge quality? - Well that's very subjective. I noticed today that our own site comes up #1 on MSN for the single word "storage".

It actually depends where you are when you do the search - because you get different results according to which country you search from. As you may have guessed - publishers, like marketers are biased towards SEs which give them the best results.

But this week we switched to Google to deliver our own site search. In the past 10 years we've used 3 different site search-engines (before Google). They were phased out for various reasons - to do with cost, not meeting agreed service levels or just because the companies moved to a different type of business mode which was incompatible with our mutual needs.

In the late 1990s webmasters were seduced by the myth that they absolutely had to have on site search. But in fact we found that less than 0.5% of our readers were using it. That gradually dwindled down below the 0.2% level. The reason is that if readers can't find what they want from the links on your site they aren't going to waste much time using your site search. Instead they are going to go back to their favorite trusted search engine and start again.

I myself often go straight to the advanced search on Google - which searches a specific web site - instead of using that own site's resources. Readers make the choices which work best for them. That's working well for us too - because pageviews and readership in the current quarter are at a 10 year historic high level - and still showing double digit growth.

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