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Arraid has been in business since 1993. The company operates from its main facility in Phoenix, AZ where all engineering, production, marketing, and administrative activities are performed. The Sales organization is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. Products are sold and serviced worldwide through Arraid's sales offices as well as exclusive resellers in certain countries. Arraid is registered as a small business with the Defense Logistics Agency and is assigned CAGE code 09DC0. Arraid is a privately held Arizona corporation, and forms part of the Reactive Group of companies.

(The next paragraph below is from a 2002 news story still provides a useful description).

Arraid's data storage products are ideally suited for upgrading mini, mainframe, and real-time computer systems. Due to limitations in the original software or hardware, these systems are often unable to migrate to later computer platforms and storage systems. Arraid drive emulation products provide an economical way to improve data storage without modifications to the computer's hardware, operating system, or software.

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by Zsolt Kerekes, editor -

There are many clues by which you can recognize a military data storage company. But as there are also many companies which dip their toes into this market from other places it doe make compiling a definitive list problematic.

Take ARRAID as an example.

It supplies modern plug-compatible replacements for long obsolete storage drives such as 8" hard drives, obsolete tape drives and floppies with interfaces which have long ceased to be talked about much except in the history archives. As you probably know specifiers in the military SSD market spend a great deal of time and trouble trying to insulate themselves from EOL and changeable BOM SSDs. While ARRAID isn't strictly speaking an SSD supplier it does used flash SSDs as the storage media inside many of its magnetic storage emulation products.

In June 2017 ARRAID was acquired by Reactive Group.
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