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Avalanche Technology

Avalanche Technology, founded in 2006, is a disruptive memory technology company based in Fremont, CA. The company has developed next generation non-volatile memory technology to enable key discrete and embedded applications in mobile, storage, computing, networking and telecommunications. Backed by top-tier investors and led by a veteran management team, Avalanche has amassed a distinctive portfolio of more than 225 cell, circuit, process and system patents. With its stand-alone memory components and licensing business, Avalanche is addressing a total market opportunity of more than $35 billion.

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"The Avalanche storage platform will deliver latency as low as 50 microseconds while offering up to 5 million sustained, predictable IOPS with 100s of terabytes of capacity in a single 4U system."
Storage in the Blink of an Eye - by Avalanche (2014)
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In past years Avalanche has made some immoderate claims about the future storage market potential for its technology - which in my view were not sufficiently tempered by adequate competitive market knowledge of the complex RAM, enterprise SSD and DIMM wars ecosystem in which it finds itself today.
editor's comment (February 2, 2016 ) re news that Avalanche had completed another funding round
"For decades, in the storage space, every expert I met said magnetic memory could not be mass-produced. Well at Avalanche we have proven it can be on at an amazing low cost basis (using a standard CMOS process) and we have wrapped it in a very large IP basket and we are going to serve it up to the global market."
Petro Estakari, Founder/CEO of Avalanche Technology - investor interview (pdf) - May 2013
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Sometimes the future course of a market is determined as much by what didn't happen as by what did.
10+ years of "MRAM will soon replace flash"
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