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Aver Drivetronics - circa 2002

Aver Drivetronics, located in Palm Desert, CA has been in the hard drive business since 1979. That makes us one of the most successful and experienced hard drive data recovery houses in the world. With this much experience, you can trust that your hard drive is in good hands at Aver Drivetronics. Our data recovery centers are equipped with class 100 cleanrooms, servo writers, and custom software to ensure the safe recovery of your hard drive's data. Here at Aver Drivetronics, we specialize in repairing damaged data caused by Hardware Failure, Virus Contamination, and User Error.

profile updated by vendor April 19, 2002

Editor's comments:- the web site for Aver Drivetronics seems to have stopped so I assume the company has joined the growing list of renamed, acquired and gone-away storage companies in the great melting pool of storage market history.

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