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SSD Bookmarks - 4th in the new series - May 6, 2016

suggestions by - Woody Hutsell, Technologist, Evangelist - IBM
Here's the 1st article suggestion.

Little's Law - articleLittle's Law ( pdf) by John D C Little and Stephen C Graves, MIT. (This 20 page document includes an introduction, examples and a 40 years retrospective by the law's creator about the significance and applications of this model which gives insights into the behavior and flow of items through a queuing systems.)

Woody says - Little's Law is key to understanding why lower latency is good.

The next suggestion is - START for SSD Marketing.

Woody says - This is a blog which I wrote in 2010 that is as relevant now as it was then:- why marketers and customers should stop focusing on million IOPS claims and focus on the customer benefits of flash.

Another suggestion is - the Cost of Latency - by James Hamilton, Architect at Amazon Web Services on his blog site Perspectives.

Woody says - This is a 2009 blog that discusses the importance of latency for web customer satisfaction and revenue.

The Economic Value of Rapid Response Time - by Jim Elliott on - Jim Elliott's Mainframe Blog.

Woody says - This blog (based on a 1982 study) shows the economic value of response time.

Finally, as part of this bookmarks series I ask contributors to suggest just one single link to their own company's products and technologies (which as I said to Woody might be tough as there are so many to choose from)...

Here's the link Woody suggested - the Flash Storage Overview page - on IBM's web site.

Editor:- thanks Woody for sharing your SSD links. This set of articles has a very philosophical stance which has resonances for all the technology taxons in the SSD ecosystem from chips to server farms.
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