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SSD Bookmarks - 2nd in the new series - February 5, 2016

suggestions by - Neil Robinson, Product Marketing Director, Tensilica Processor IP, Cadence
Here's the 1st article suggestion.

Optimizing processors for SSD - which is the main Storage / SSD applications overview page on Cadence's own web site.

Neil says - See how optimizing processors for SSD can gain a 2x to 250+x speed-up on popular functions as well as reduce the energy consumed by a similar amount!
This page shows the results of 6 optimizations along with Application Notes showing the details for Lempel Ziv compression (pdf) and AES encryption (pdf and image).

Other SSD article suggestions...

code capsule articles about SSD softwareCoding for SSDs - a series of articles about SSDs written for programmers.

Neil says This has an interesting write-up of SSD basics from Emmanuel Goossaert, Software Engineer at - while he was trying to figure out how best to optimize applications for the way the SSDs work.

SSD Lifecycle – from Design to Your PC - on the site GamersNexus

gn hardware guide to SSD lifecycleNeil says The folks from Kingston and Seagate/SandForce show you whats involved in making an SSD.

The whole process is covered: Design, Development, Testing and Production with quotes from the people involved.

Editor:- thanks Neil for sharing your SSD links which includes many interesting follow up resources I've never seen before. (Which is one of the ideas behind the series.)

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why after a 5 year gap resume this series?

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