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SSD Bookmarks - 1st in the new series - January 20, 2016

suggestions by - Steve Larrivee, VP Sales & Marketing at Cactus
Here's the 1st article suggestion.

SSD 101 collection of articles by CactusSolid State Drives 101: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know - is an emerging ebook - which is on Cactus's own web site

Steve says - SSD 101 is a series of 13 educational articles describing solid state drives from the basic NAND cell and architecture to controller architecture and functions.

Other SSD article suggestions...

Micron memory video 25nm TLC era introTLC MLC and SLC Devices (video) - which is one of many memory blogs on Micron's web site

Steve says - the video on this simple page describes the differences between SLC, MLC and TLC NAND varieties.

Toshiba nand flash wafer fab videoToshiba Yokkauichi operations (video) - this YouTube video shows the exterior and interior workings (including the beating heart and 600 yard long glistening arteries) of a nand flash memory wafer fab.

Steve said - the Yokkaichi Fab(s) manufacture a large percentage of the world's NAND flash memory. This is Toshiba and SanDisk's (WD) main facility for NAND production.

Editor:- thanks Steve for sharing your SSD links and kickstarting a fresh new series of the SSD Bookmarks.

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