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Caringo was founded in 2005 to change the economics of storage by developing software designed from the ground up to solve the issues associated with relentless data growth. Caringo’s flagship product, Swarm, decouples data from applications and hardware providing a foundation for continued data access and analysis that continuously evolves while guaranteeing data integrity. Today, Caringo software is the foundation for web-scale storage solutions for the Department of Defense, the Brazilian Federal Court System, City of Austin, Telefonica, British Telecom,, Johns Hopkins University and hundreds more worldwide. Follow us on twitter @CaringoStorage and visit to learn more.

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who's who in SSD? - Caringo

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - May 2015

Caringo is active in the large data segment of the enterprise storage software market. The company's software reobjectifies multi petabyte scale pools of data into cloud like quantities of drives (which Caringo calls Swarms) which can be power managed according to user plans in order to provide a cost effective alternative to tape libraries.

The necessity of having a new category of archive storage platforms for petabyte racks having different access characteristics and sophisticated internal electrical power up/down cycling - compared to legacy storage systems - was discussed in detail in my 2010 classic article roadmap to the Petabyte SSD which explained why (in the 2016 to 2020 timeframe) better economics and storage density (petabytes per U) would be ultimately achieved by fast boot flash rather than hard drives - even if the cost of magnetic drives reduced to zero.

In an earlier version of this profile note about Caringo (in 2012) I commented on the strangeness to my way of looking at things that there was still no mention of SSDs on Caringo's web site at that time. My context being that as I expected all enterprise data will touch or reside on SSDs in the future - it meant that all storage and server vendors are hostages to the fortunes of the SSD market. And until they can articulate how they're going to adapt to that SSD everywhere business model - it's not worth thinking about them in your forward plans. (Remember I started writing such notes long before companies like Intel or Micron had any SSD products.) In the case of Caringo we had to wait till September 2013 for the first mention of SSDs to happen - and that was simply in a blog comment which suggested that supporting SATA HDDs meant that SATA SSDs were supported too.

So in that sense Caringo still doesn't have much to say to the SSD market - aside from - if you want some kind of long latency archive style backup which has economics like cloud and tape - Caringo has software which can manage it.

Elsewhere in the complex segments which make up the enterprise storage market - there are plenty of examples of companies which have tiering and caching products which occupy latency zones which are closer to the applications servers - and which could - if the demand was there - reach into the kind of market space occupied by Caringo - whereas it's not clear that Caringo has the experience to stretch its reach in the other direction - back in the direction towards shorter latencies.

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Smaller nuances of user behavior (which are easier to discern as patterns in a stable market) easily get lost under the noise created by headline technology changes and the market's apparent willingness to slaughter and discard once loved past industry leaders.
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