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CMD Technology

CMD Technology, Inc. supplies advanced peripheral storage controller technology and high-performance storage interconnect products to OEMs, VARs, integrators and resellers. CMD solutions are utilized in the UNIX, Open Systems, and PC marketplaces in some of the world's finest computer systems. For more information, contact CMD Technology, Inc., Storage Products, 9501 Jeronimo Road, Irvine, CA 92618-2032. Phone 949-454-0800; Fax 949-699-3268; E-mail; Web site

Editor's note:- Among other things - CMD had been in the fibre-channel RAID controller business - having launched a hot swap high availability product - called Titan- which came packaged in a standard full-height, 5.25" canister - in April 2000.

In June 7, 2001 - Silicon Image, Inc. today announced it has acquired CMD Technology, Inc.

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SSDs have been used in RAID configurations since the 1990s. But there are problems with this approach when using conventional RAID controllers and 2.5" SSDs.

Although SSD IOPS (and throughput) does scale in arrays - latency is slugged by slow controllers which were originally designed for HDDs. That has inspired the development o alternative data striping methods which are more suited to big arrays of flash - and some of those techniques have also been used in cloud-like HDD arrays too.
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