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Ecrix tape ad from 2000 - (storage history)
VXA-1 Tape Drive from Ecrix

Storage History - the above ad ran on in 2000.

2000, April, Storage news

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RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA. April 27, 2000 - Viking Components Inc., one of the world's largest and fastest-growing manufacturers of component technology, today announced the appointment of Dan Moczarny as director of product marketing. Moczarny will be responsible for expanding Viking's product line and enhancing the company's leadership position in the memory, flash and communication product marketplaces. Formerly of Silicon Systems Inc. (Texas Instruments) Storage Products Group, Moczarny brings more than 20 years of industry experience to Viking's marketing department. Now with responsibilities to leverage Viking's existing product lines and expand into new frontiers, Moczarny will lead a team of product managers and market researchers to help Viking continue its growth beyond its record-breaking year in 1999.

"We expect Dan to play a strategic role in Viking's growth. His industry insight and years of experience will help lead us into new product arenas as we prepare to achieve our billion-dollar goal," said Glenn McCusker, founder and CEO, Viking Components.

Paris, France April 26th, 2000 - Quadratec and MandrakeSoft today announced a partnership to deliver Enterprise-Class automated backup solutions for Linux. As part of this partnership, Quadratec developed a Time Navigator version for Linux-Mandrake, bringing additional data security solutions to companies using Linux for their mission-critical applications. Time Navigator from Quadratec provides a fully integrated software suite performing efficient automated data backup and comprehensive restoration in open systems environments based on Linux, Unix and NT servers.

Under the terms of this agreement, Quadratec will support the Linux-Mandrake operating system as a preferred server and client development platform; Time Navigator will be referenced by MandrakeSoft as a recommended solution for Enterprise backup software and will be included in the Commercial Applications CD of Linux-Mandrake 7.1 (in evaluation version) that will be launched in June.

SAN JOSE, CA - April 26, 2000 - TrueSAN Networks, a leader in Fibre Channel storage-area network solutions for the internetworked enterprise, today announced its next generation line of end-to-end full Fibre Channel SAN solutions. The 7000FC series, available today, provides the ideal framework for building a powerful, extensible and always-live storage network infrastructure. The TrueSAN 7000FC series delivers industry-leading performance, robust scalability, carrier class fault-tolerance, and data-centric storage management capability. Based on an Open SAN Framework (OSF) and fourth-generation TrueFibre™ technology, the 7000FC series offers exceptional bandwidth, interoperability, and storage networking functionality for mission-critical internetworked applications. Enterprise-class storage software adds standards-based management, remote replication, clustering services, and advanced multi-protocol support. With full fabric SAN connectivity and flexible capacity expansion, the 7000FC series is the most scalable open storage platform available today. The TrueSAN 7000FC series provides unmatched and extensive features including:
  • Rapid scalability and seamless integration with existing network systems
  • Fourth-generation TrueFibre™ technology, the first end-to-end Fibre Channel storage architecture
  • Industry-leading data throughput and transaction performance for advanced computing applications
  • Multiple levels of subsystem resiliency deliver fault-tolerance requirements for mission-critical applications
  • Enterprise-class storage software for SNMP management, remote replication and clustering services
  • Advanced multi-protocol support delivers robust file services using NFS, CIFS and SMB protocols
  • Compatible with Windows NT/2000, Linux, Solaris, Netware, MacOS, IRIX, UNIX and more
  • Storage capacity begins at 200GB, expandable to 7TB per storage subsystem
  • SAN connectivity begins at eight nodes, expandable to hundreds of nodes per storage network
  • Ideal for Internet data centers, advanced multimedia environments, and performance-critical applications

Furthermore, TrueSAN offers numerous features to aid the end-user with the design and implementation of the 7000FC series. SANcare™, a global services and support program provides technical consulting and on-site 24x7 support, as well as installation and training services. Additionally, with SANdesigner™ users can visually prototype complete storage networks online in minutes.

ANAHEIM, CA, April 25, 2000 - MTI Technology Corp. a leading manufacturer of enterprise storage solutions, has appointed Marc H. Nussbaum as Vice President of Product Development. Nussbaum's hiring is a continuation of MTI's aggressive recruiting to attract highly skilled staff to support the company's product expansion in Fibre Channel storage solution technologies. With more than 22 years of technical leadership experience in the computer industry, including 18 years in data storage, Nussbaum's focus will be on making MTI's product line competitive from a time-to-market standpoint. He will be heading the development of products with the aim of attaining a leadership position in the full-service storage arena. Prior to MTI, Nussbaum served most recently as Senior Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer for Western Digital Corp. He supervised the company's VLSI controller board and hard drive engineering efforts, from inception to a staff of more than 500 engineers and 22 million drivers per year, representing $4 billion in revenue.

"As MTI continues to advance in the enterprise storage marketplace, we are actively pursuing people of Marc's caliber, whose strengths and experiences will advance the company to the next level," said Tom Raimondi, president and CEO of MTI. "Marc's considerable experience in the storage market is invaluable to MTI's future product development plans."

New York, NY - Tuesday, April 25, 2000 - EMC Corporation today launched its most significant barrage of new storage systems and software ever, stretching its lead as the world's premier supplier of information infrastructure solutions. Today's announcements, which include the world's fastest and highest-capacity storage systems, advance EMC's ability to shape the global information landscape across multiple dimensions.
  • The Symmetrix 8000 family -- a complete new line of EMC Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems, including the world's highest-capacity (19.1 terabytes) storage system.
  • The new EMC CLARiiON FC4500 systems and software -- ushering CLARiiON into the world of multi-platform connectivity and EMC Enterprise Storage Networks. CLARiiON 4500 is the first CLARiiON system to offer simultaneous multi-platform host support, switched Fibre Channel connectivity into the EMC Enterprise Storage Network, new data protection and shared storage access software, and integration with EMC's centralized management software framework, EMC ControlCenter.
  • Significantly increased range of connectivity options for the EMC Enterprise Storage Network, enabling customers to consolidate distributed information from departments and business units throughout the enterprise, as well as from remote locations over wide-area networks.

Geneva, Switzerland, April 25, 2000 /Press Release Network/ - GENROCO, Inc. and CERN, the European Center for High Energy Physics Research here, demonstrated the world's first implementation of the 800 megabyte per second Gigabyte System Network (GSN) with an optical interface. "Having optical GSN is important not only for large GSN users, such as CERN, but also for smaller network installations that can not manage the burdens of copper," said Arie van Praag of CERN. "This demonstration proves that GSN works well over optical fiber, opening the doors for more mainstream GSN installations."

Until today, only expensive copper GSN cabling has been available which, in addition to being bulky, is limited to carrying data a maximum of 40 meters. The new, compact optical fiber nearly doubles the distances at one quarter of the cost. Furthermore, optical fiber is known for its lack of emissions, flexibility, ease-of-use, and compatibility with most computer network configurations. The demonstration employed Siemens Paroli ™ optical modules between two GENROCO TURBOfibre® TBH-864 GSN bridges, running data transfers error free for several days. The demonstration is part of a joint venture between CERN and GENROCO for creating leading edge network technology. GENROCO recently announced the TURBOstor® Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) to Fibre Channel (FC) bridging and routing switch, which utilized developments that came out of the collaboration last year. The two organizations are currently working on bridging GSN and FC to OC48 in order to create wide area SANs.

SAN JOSE, CA, April 25 /PRNewswire/ - Bell Microproducts announced today that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire Ideal Hardware plc. Ideal Hardware is a leading UK-based value-added, storage-centric distributor. With Ideal Hardware, Bell Microproducts will gain a strong presence in the UK and coverage of the European continent. Ideal Hardware is focused on the high end of the storage market with many of the same lines carried by Bell Microproducts, including IBM, Quantum, Seagate Technology, Emulex, Crossroads, Gadzoox Networks, and Cobalt Networks. Ideal also is a leading distributor of Compaq servers, PCs and storage products, and is one of only 12 Compaq distributors worldwide to be awarded the prestigious CIP accreditation for high-end products. Ideal has strategic relationships with approximately 80 suppliers of enterprise storage, computer systems, software, and media products. These strategic products are packaged with Ideal's value-added programs and services to provide complete NAS, SAS and SAN solutions, a strategy that mirrors Bell Microproducts storage solutions initiative for the Americas. Ideal recorded sales in the fiscal year ending July 1999 of approximately $500 million, up 39% from the prior year, and was profitable.

"Ideal is recognized as a leading example of what competence and focus can bring to customers," stated Henri Richard, newly named President of Bell Microproducts' Computer Products Group. "Bell Micro's own value-add initiatives are in perfect harmony with Ideal's strategy. Together, we will bring to the European market a unique and comprehensive offering in the fast growing storage industry," added Richard. "Ideal and Bell Micro are closely aligned in strategies and operating style," stated Don Bell, President and CEO of Bell Microproducts. "Ideal is widely respected as an innovator in customer service and support programs. Their extensive background in supplying technical training and support to customers fits well with Bell Micro's strategy of providing comprehensive storage solutions to its growing worldwide customer base."

ATLANTA, April 24, 2000 - Compaq Computer Corporation, the world's No. 1 primary storage vendor, reaffirmed its commitment to deliver the Open SAN (storage area network) by announcing support for its complete line of SANworks™ Enterprise Storage Management Software products on Sun Solaris platforms. Compaq's leading-edge SANworks™ and StorageWorks™ product lines now both support Solaris environments, and are now available to Sun resellers to help customers build Open SAN infrastructures based on Compaq NonStop™ eBusiness solutions.

"Sun resellers and customers who have Sun servers installed or planned can now embrace the business advantages offered by Compaq's Open SAN solutions," said Howard Elias, Vice President and General Manager of Compaq Storage Products Division. "We want these customers to receive the same benefits in their Solaris environments as they receive in Compaq Windows NT/2000, Tru64 Unix and Open VMS environments. Accelerated business efficiency, flexibility and delivery of information are all made possible through Open SAN accessibility."

Irvine, CA - April 19, 2000 - CMD Technology, Inc. announced today that fully functional evaluation models of the Fibre Channel CRD-7220 RAID controller have begun shipping to CMD customers. Announced on February 22, 2000, the CRD-7220 represents CMD' s second product offering in the scaleable CMD Titan™ RAID controller family for the growing Storage Area Network (SAN) marketplace. "Our customers told us they wanted a high-performance, mid-range controller with excellent fault tolerance," said Steve Garceau, CMD product marketing manager. "The CRD-7220 was designed to perform well in shared storage environments and possesses CMD' s outstanding reputation for high-availability, data integrity, and performance."

The CRD-7220 features hot-swappable controllers with dual Fibre Channel host interfaces and dual Ultra2 SCSI disk interfaces, and support for up to 28 disk drives. The CRD-7220 advanced features will include CMD's new SANmask LUN masking for secure disk access in shared storage environments, CMD's new RAID Management System (RMS) software for controller configuration and management, automatic fail-over and CMD' s AutoRebind (fail-back) for continuous access environments, Ethernet for remote configuration and monitoring, RAID set expansion for flexibility, online firmware updates for maximum availability, and near-instant RAID set creation to produce immediately usable data storage.

Packaged in an industry standard full-height, 5.25" canister, the CRD-7220 achieves high-availability by offering redundant controllers and cooling fans, as well as redundant communication, power, and UPS ports. The front panel is designed to allow OEMs to easily customize its appearance. Alternately, the CRD-7220 is available as a board-level product for OEMs. General availability is scheduled for May 2000.

MINNEAPOLIS, April 19, 2000 /PRNewswire/ - ONTRACK Data International, Inc, a leading provider of data availability software and service solutions, announced today the availability of its Remote Data Recovery(TM) service over the Internet for computer systems running under the Sun Solaris operating system. The new service allows computer users to recover from software-related data loss situations quickly, securely and cost-effectively through the Internet.

FREMONT, CA – April 19, 2000 - Accurite Technologies Inc. today announced its release of the Travel HD, the smallest PCMCIA external hard drive in the market and the first offering Windows CE as well as Windows 2000, 98, 95 and NT compatibility. Utilizing a PCMCIA Type II IDE/ATAPI interface card, the Travel HD plugs into any Type II or Type III PCMCIA socket. Weighing in at 10 ounces, the Travel HD fits in as well with a handheld H/PC as with a notebook or subnotebook computer.

The Travel HD is designed around 2.5" IDE low profile, low power hard drives and will be shipping in multiple capacities starting with 3 Gb on up to 12 Gb and higher, as the low profile drive technologies evolve. With data transfer rates averaging 2MB/second, the Travel HD offers data throughput significantly faster than similar external parallel interface or other removable storage devices. It can be powered directly from the H/PC or notebook computer through the PC Card interface, or optionally with an AC adapter. A model equipped with a rechargeable battery pack is also available for up to four hours of continuous use. Ruggedly designed and highly shock resistant, withstanding up to 300 Gs while operational and 15,000 Gs while non-operational, the Travel HD incorporates internal drive cushioning and is built to handle the daily demands of the mobile office with reliable performance and safety of data.

Wilmington, MA, April 19, 2000 /PRWeb/ - Advanced Media Services, Inc. announces DakotaRAID, the newest member of the Dakota family of Network Attached Storage Appliances. DakotaRAID is a workgroup class NAS appliance designed and optimized for serving files in heterogeneous network environments. Equipped with a 10/100 Fast Ethernet interface, DakotaRAID attaches directly to your network and provides Windows, Netware, Unix, FTP and Web clients with fast, reliable access to server-independent storage resources.

DakotaRAID is designed to separate storage resources from network and application servers in order to simplify storage management and improve the reliability, performance and efficiency of the network, thus increasing the overall productivity of the organization. It attaches directly to your existing LAN and transfers data to clients over industry standard network protocols (TCP/IP or IPX) using industry standard file sharing protocols (SMB/CIFS, NCP, NFS or HTTP). A file system located and managed on DakotaRAID enables cross-platform file sharing, reducing storage management costs and increasing user productivity.

DakotaRAID features an embedded, streamlined operating system running on a tightly integrated hardware platform and is very efficient at performing its designed function, serving data. Network clients benefit from direct, server independent communication with storage resources and improved application performance due to the reduced disk I/O and bottlenecks at the application servers. Storage I/O activity and processor overhead associated with file serving are major causes of network and application server crashes. DakotaRAID enables you to separate these storage resources from the server and increase the reliability of your network. RAID levels 1 and 5 provide data protection, while redundant, hot swappable power supplies and fans ensure high data availability. DakotaRAID is a self sufficient network storage system equipped with embedded web based backup tools and support for an integrated or externally attached tape drive. DakotaRAID ensures a low total cost of ownership by eliminating unnecessary hardware, operating system license and administrative costs of a complex system. For more info see the AMS web site.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., April 17, 2000 - XIOtech® Corporation announced today that it is co-hosting with Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. a free SAN Executive Experience seminar series for CIOs and other top IT managers. This national seminar series, which kicks off in Minneapolis on April 26, will feature as its keynote speakers, XIOtech and BROCADE customers who have incorporated SANs into their enterprise storage architectures. Executive guest speakers at the seminars, which will be held throughout the year around the country, will discuss their individual SAN implementations and what they have learned from their experiences. The seminar series will help IT executives understand why and how SANs are changing the network computing landscape, and because they will be drawing from the experience of their peers, attendees will learn of the "true" benefits that SANs can deliver. The seminar will feature three SAN users from a specific region of the country who will present to attendees from that region. The first SAN Executive Experience in Minneapolis will include executives from Agiliti, Health Risk Management (HRM) and Imation.

"All ASPs, ISPs and companies know the value of making data and applications available to their customers on a 24x7 basis since there are serious financial consequences if that does not happen," said Tom Kieffer, chairman and CEO of Agiliti, an ASP enabler and eServices provider. "A SAN like MAGNITUDE addresses this critical issue, since the product not only helps companies manage enormous amounts of information more efficiently, but also improves uptime, since storage capacity and other necessary upgrades can be performed in real time."

HRM is a diversified health care administration company that includes decision support software, HMOs and third-party administration. "Since we implemented our MAGNITUDE SAN and BROCADE fibre-channel solutions, the performance of our network improved substantially, meaning we can serve even more clients without any performance degradation," said John Prange, vice president of IT for HRM. "Additionally, by pooling our storage resources, we were able to cut some of our costs. For these reasons and many others, the return on our SAN investment has been excellent."

"SANs are a breakthrough storage architecture that all companies -- including those with industry-specific applications -- should consider. As the leading independent storage solutions provider, Imation defines and develops leading-edge storage solutions for customers. XIOtech's MAGNITUDE SAN is an example that fits the needs of customers who want a turn-key SAN solution," said Steve Ladwig, senior vice president of Imation and president, Imation Data Storage and Information Management.

The Minneapolis event will take place on April 26, 2000, from 8:00 a.m. to noon, followed by a complimentary "networking" luncheon. The seminar will take place at the Radisson Hotel South. Subsequent seminars in other regions of the country will be announced at a later date. To register for the SAN Executive Experience seminar in Minneapolis, email contact information to with the word "Register" in the subject line, or call (612)828-6320.

PALM DESERT, CA, April 17, 2000 - HighGround® Systems, Inc. is demonstrating its Storage Resource Manager™ (SRM™) product family during this week's Expo at Storage Networking World. Company spokespeople will be available during the three-day conference to talk to attendees about the benefits of applying SRM throughout the enterprise.

"Traditional approaches to storage infrastructure planning, migration and management aren't doing the job in today's New Enterprise," said HighGround's Executive Vice President Bud Broomhead. "The generation of enormous amounts of data, the requirement to have this data available 24X7, the loss of bandwidth to backup processes and the increasing number of storage topology options are all contributing to the growing need for storage resource management solutions. HighGround's web-engineered SRM product family allows you to optimize the delivery and availability of information to your customers."

COSTA MESA, CA - April 13, 2000 - Emulex Corporation announced today that it has appointed ACAL Fibre Channel Solutions to distribute Emulex's market leading family of LightPulse fibre channel host bus adapters and digital re-timing hubs. This agreement will make Emulex's fibre channel products available to ACAL's storage area network (SAN) resellers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. ACAL markets and distributes the products of more than 30 high-technology manufacturers and is the certified reseller to support EMC solutions within the region. International Data Corp. (IDC) estimates that fibre channel-based storage systems will generate revenues in excess of $15 billion by 2002 and represent roughly 63% of all external storage connections during this period.

"Teaming with Emulex assures ACAL customers a wide range of fibre channel host adapters and hubs featuring the performance, quality and interoperability necessary for the SAN marketplace," stated Paul Reeve, Divisional Director for ACAL Fibre Channel Solutions. "Emulex technology is proven with our OEM and reseller customer base which is key for the continued growth of fibre channel SANs," he added.

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - April 13, 2000 - Seagate Technology, Inc., announced that it has shipped more than 200,000 disc drives for Personal Video Recorder (PVR) products, affirming the Company's leadership in this emerging market segment. Seagate U Series disc drives provide the critical technology that enables PVRs to pause, rewind and play back live TV programming. PVRs let viewers personalize their TV experience by automatically recording favorite programming to be viewed when, where and how they want it. Viewers can also immediately jump to any point between or within shows without the usual search time delay of tape- and cassette-based systems.

"Seagate is the clear leader in the PVR storage market, and continues to strengthen its substantial lead in the consumer electronics storage market overall. Seagate's shipment of more than 200,000 drives into PVR boxes far exceeds the shipments of all other storage vendors combined," said Mark Geenen, president at TrendFocus, a leading data storage market research firm. "Just as computer manufacturers looked to Seagate products to help them create the entry-level PC market, consumers have made it clear that Seagate is delivering the best combination of A/V performance, value, product availability, and environmental features such as acoustics, operating temperature, and reliability. This is an important milestone, both for Seagate and for the growth of the PVR market."

LAS VEGAS, NV NAB2000 - April 13, 2000 - Ampex Data Systems Corp. has collaborated with SeaChange International Inc., and Avalon Consulting Group to provide a networked video server archive management solution for the broadcast enterprise. Uniting the industry-leading video server system, archive and management software, the solution enables optimal performance of high bit-rate digital video from long term storage to playback on-air. The fully integrated broadcast solution comprises Ampex's DST cartridge library and Avalon's Archive Manager storage management application for archiving, and SeaChange's MPEG-2 Broadcast MediaCluster video server system for video play-to-air.

The foundation of this solution is SeaChange's IP-based Networked Storage Architecture (NSA), which allows multiple distributed Broadcast MediaClusters to integrate easily with archive libraries, editing systems and other broadcast components through a high-performance, low-cost network based on Gigabit switching and IP protocols. Driven by customer demand, Ampex Data Systems has optimized its DST automated cartridge libraries for use with SeaChange's industry-leading Broadcast MediaCluster video server systems with complete software certification by the Avalon Archive Manager. The three companies will market the total package through their distribution channels commencing in this month.

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., April 12, 2000 - QLogic Corp., the company that sold more Fibre Channel host adapters in 1999 than any other manufacturer in the world according to IDC, today launched SANtrack, an interoperability program designed to update customers, partners and the industry on the status of QLogic's market-leading, comprehensive Fibre Channel test laboratory and the company's rigorous SAN interoperability testing. "We created SANtrack for our customers because interoperability is an absolutely critical component to the successful implementation of Storage Area Networks (SANs)," said Larry Fortmuller, vice president of corporate marketing, QLogic. "When implementing SANs in heterogeneous environments, IT managers need to know that the products they purchased will perform in complex enterprise level applications where compatibility with multiple hardware and software platforms is essential."

Data from SANtrack can be accessed on QLogic's web site at SANtrack is rich with information about QLogic interoperability testing, hardware and software compatibility lists, sample test plans and SAN configurations, third party certifications and validations, software certifications and operating system support.

CARLSBAD, CA - April 11, 2000 - Dot Hill Systems Corp. today announced the immediate availability of SANtrap, a new SAN management software package developed by the company and located within its carrier-class SANnet storage systems. SANtrap enables automatic, focused remote surveillance of enterprise-wide storage and is designed to dovetail with customers' existing management frameworks. SANtrap is a direct connection between the company's carrier-class SANnet storage systems and SNMP management frameworks, such as HP OpenView™, Tivoli TME™ and Computer Associates UniCenter™. Because SANtrap manages SANnet over the LAN infrastructure, it does not depend on servers or the SAN to send or receive critical messages regarding the SANnet systems' status.

COLUMBIA, S.C. - April 11, 2000 /BUSINESS WIRE/ - CrosStor Software, Inc., developers of the intelligence behind serverless storage, today announced that Joe Balazs, a 20-year veteran of NCR Corporation, has been named Manager of High-Availability Products for its South Carolina Product Development Center. Balazs was the former CTO of NCR's Server System Business Unit, with responsibility for all NCR UNIX and NT operating systems, as well as NCR's chief I/O architect. Balazs will oversee the architecture, design and release of new high-availability products for CrosStor NAS and CrosStor SAN, CrosStor's storage-centric operating system products. He will also assume responsibility to manage and grow CrosStor's newly established Columbia, SC office, which is expected to double in size within the year.

NEW YORK and LAS VEGAS - April 11, 2000 /BUSINESS WIRE/ - ASACA Corporation is showcasing new SAN-ready models of its 3.9TB and 7.54TB TeraCart(R) DVD-RAM Libraries at NAB Booth M9335 and at AIIM Booth 2772. - Equipped with an intelligent Fibre Channel router and a built-in server, the ASACA Digital Virtual Libraries (DVLs) provide Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SANs) with direct access to data, video and audio files at Gigabit-speeds. One of the features that makes ASACA TeraCart Libraries so ideal for SANs is their scalability. They can be configured with 1 to 24 DVD-RAM drives for online capacities ranging from 3.9TB to 7.54TB. Up to eight libraries can be connected with pass-through and infrared communi-cations. Expansion cabinets are also available that can be configured with up to 192 DVD-RAM drives and up to 11,600 double-sided DVD-RAM discs to provide 60.3TB of removable, rewriteable storage.

Using technology developed by Chaparral Network Storage, Inc., the fibre channel storage router embedded in the ASACA library enables network managers to cluster servers, vault data remotely and speed storage backup/restore operations. Fibre Channel technology also overcomes the 25 meter distance and performance limitations of SCSI connections. Organizations can cost-effectively connect multiple servers within a large office building to a single, multi-Terabyte DVL and achieve sustained data transfer rates of more than 85 MB per second. By integrating the high performance Fibre Channel Storage Router, ASACA is able to provide SAN environments with very high storage densities at pennies per Megabyte.

Carlsbad, CA - April 11, 2000 -- Arkeia by Knox Software, a Southern California-based developer of network backup solutions for the enterprise market, announced today that its Arkeia 4.2 network backup application is included with the Linux-Mandrake 7.0 PowerPack. Linux-Mandrake, a rising influence in the Linux distribution market, is published by MandrakeSoft Inc, of Altadina, Calif. and Paris, France. Noted for its graphical installation interface and other high quality open source tools and utilities for Linux, the Linux-Mandrake 7.0 PowerPack is widely distributed through a worldwide network of resellers.

The Linux-Mandrake 7.0 PowerPack, a six CD compilation of Linux-Mandrake installation tools, source code and sample applications, features a full version of Arkeia Personal Version 4.2 along with a 30-day evaluation copy of Arkeia Professional Version 4.2. The bundling of Arkeia for evaluation with Linux-Mandrake 7.0 makes it easy for network administrators to find a flexible, powerful commercial application for the backup of large heterogeneous computer networks along with the Linux-Mandrake tools they plan to use to build cost-effective network backup appliances.

Minneapolis, MN, April 10, 2000…Plasmon, a leader in optical and tape automation, has chosen IBM as its primary supplier of LTO-Ultrium tape drives, based on Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology. In addition, Ultrium tape drives will be integrated into Plasmon's new family of tape automation products, the company announced today.

StorageSmart by IBM ("StorageSmart") Ultrium Tape Drives provides breakthroughs in capacity, performance and reliability and addresses the midrange and network tape storage environments. Up to 200GB of compressed data can be stored on a single cartridge and with transfer rates of up to 30MB/sec (compressed). StorageSmart Ultrium Tape Drives combine field-proven IBM technologies for remarkable results. These advantages provide advanced multi-track recording capabilities, head and servo technologies, high recording densities and error correction code functions that enable the high capacity and high performance of the Ultrium drive with no exposure to data integrity.

BOULDER, CO - April 10- Exabyte Corporation today announced the Mammoth-2 (M2(TM)) tape drive with direct Fibre Channel connectivity. Initial fibre tape drives will be sent to key Fibre Channel industry partners including Chaparral Network Storage Inc. for certification with its DM1000 Storage Area Network (SAN) appliance. As the first midrange tape drive to incorporate Fibre Channel and in conjunction with Chaparral's serverless backup technology, Exabyte's M2 is positioned as the fastest, highest capacity midrange tape drive for fibre-based SAN architectures. The distance and throughput characteristics of Fibre Channel will position Exabyte's M2 drive as the preferred backup technology for the emerging SAN market. In addition, the M2 fibre drive eliminates the need for legacy SCSI devices by offering the advantages of a full Fibre environment and improving the overall performance of the SAN.

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Las Vegas, NV, April 10, 2000 – Storage Concepts today announced the debut of its new Fibre Space-2000, a completely integrated, cost-effective Fibre Channel storage system available in a single chassis. The Fibre Space-2000's single, rack-mounted chassis is capable of housing up to 10 high speed Fibre Channel disk drives and is ideal for the rigorous demands of high-bandwidth applications such as HDTV, broadcast video storage, medical imaging, web servers and high I/O applications, such as On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP).

"The Fibre Space-2000 is a true plug-and-play system, complete with chassis, disk drives, power supply, host adapter and host software drivers," states Martin Bock, President of Storage Concepts. "The Fibre Space-2000's reasonable price point allows users to start with a minimal number of drives and as storage requirements change, its flexibility allows users to add up to 10 drives per chassis. Additionally, multiple units can be daisy chained together to increase the overall storage capacity, while the addition of an extra port can enhance the system's performance."

While utilizing the host-striped software in the maximum performance configuration, the Fibre Space-2000 offers a sustained transfer rate of up to 170MB/s. For those applications requiring additional bandwidth, dual Fibre Channel ports connected to the host with dual loops of five drives can achieve maximum throughput. The Fibre Space-2000 provides a Fibre Channel storage solution for various workstations including Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, Mercury Computer, VME-based processors and Windows NT systems. Also, the Fibre Space-2000 configures to meet all FCS modes of operation including arbitrated loop, point-to-point and fabric/switch networked storage. It is an extension of the company's extensive line of proven FibreRAID storage products

Portland, Oregon April 10, 2000 – APCON has announced the first-ever electronic Fiber Optic Patch Panel that supports fiber channel SAN storage management. The new product, Model ACI-2046, will allow for better management of connections between their Fibre Channel networks. By implementing the patch panel into the Fibre Channel–based SAN storage environments, network administrators will discover a protocol-independent, "wire-once" solution that gives the flexibility to add, move and change fiber optic systems and peripherals as needed. Plus, the unit's electronic control will offer the same administrators to remotely change fiber optic connections in configurations without directly handling the fiber optic connections, therefore avoiding possible damage.

The ACI-2046 has been especially designed to provide important electronic control and switching of servers, RAID and disk storage systems in the constantly-changing Fibre Channel and SAN storage networking environments. This innovative unit also supports high-bandwidth, long-distance connections and is a scalable solution that can be seamlessly integrated into growing Fibre Channel and SAN storage configurations. Up to 32 patch panels can be remotely controlled and operated by network administrators by using APCON's Graphic User Interface (GUI).

LAS VEGAS, April 10, 2000 - Ampex Data Systems Corporation announced at NAB2000 here today that its quad-density DST( video server archival storage system is now available with a capacity of 660 gigabytes (uncompressed) on a single cartridge -- the equivalent of 150 hours of MPEG video. This next generation, high-performance video storage system more than triples the capacity of the largest known or anticipated competitive offering and enables users to benefit from a 100% capacity increase over the current line of Ampex automated cartridge libraries.

According to John Hennessy, director of video and broadcast marketing at Ampex Data Systems, television news and master control operations will inevitably need to store thousands of hours of file-based digitized video program content as they rely more and more on digital video technology. "Our video storage systems are being increasingly deployed in a wide range of storage management applications, including broadcast television programming, commercial insertion, news archive, high-resolution film scanning, special effects, post-production and DVD data file management. As long as the television broadcast industry acknowledges the need to implement cost savings benefits and optimize operational efficiencies, Ampex Data Systems will continue to provide high-performance and high-capacity storage for the broadcast industry's mission-critical operations."

All Ampex DST products feature 20 MB per second transfer rates as well as the ability to accommodate multiple independent tape partitions on a single cartridge, allowing users to insert updated files within a tape and not corrupt previously recorded data. Other technologies provide only for appending to existing recordings resulting in inefficient use of media, fragmentation and a higher cost per megabyte. DST also utilizes "system zones" which allow for multiple mount/dismount locations and eliminate the need to rewind prior to ejecting the tape, greatly reducing time to data. Tape partitioning and multiple system zones provide for optimal capacity utilization, faster cartridge exchange and reduced file search times. Now shipping, pricing for the quad-density models starts at $105,000. An upgrade path allowing current DST archive owners to enhance their existing tape drive investments is available.
Storage History - Squeaks-a-Bit
History of storage
Megabyte's ancestor, Sir Squeaks-a-Bit
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read the article by ICS - Sanitization Methods
Sanitization Methods for Cleaning Up Hard Disk Drives - article by Intelligent Computer Solutions

Removing the data on old unwanted disk drives has become a concern for all users. Earlier this year Pointsec found that they were able to read 7 out of 10 hard-drives bought over the Internet at auctions such as eBay, for less than the cost of a McDonald's meal, all of which had "supposedly" been "wiped-clean" or "re-formatted". This article reviews the various methods available to sanitize hard disks along with the advantages and disadvantages in each the article, ...Intelligent Computer Solutions profile, disk sanitizers
article by Engenio
Has Infiniband Established Itself in the Market? - article by Engenio

This article looks at the state of the Infiniband market at the end of 2005.

After 5 years stirring in the emerging market cauldron the Infiniband market hasn't turned out to be the popular flavor which was originally anticipated. But it's finally starting to get served up in some important markets.

An Infiniband port now costs half as much as a fibre-channel port and delivers many times the performance rate. According to the author, Infiniband is now ready to take its place on the mainstream technology menu. the article , ...Engenio profile, InfiniBand
Squeak! - Why are Most Analysts Wrong About Solid State Disks?
read the article - Why are Most Analysts  Wrong About Solid State Disks?
Most analysts and editors of other computer publications don't really understand the solid state disk market. They show their ignorance and naivete by prefacing every discussion of SSDs with a superficial analysis which compares the cost per byte of storage between flash and hard disk drives. That's the wrong answer to the wrong question. And it's far removed from why the SSD market is racing to become a multi billion dollar market seemingly in blithe ignorance of the cost per byte proposition.

This article tells you what's important to users and the main applications in which SSDs are already being used and new applications where they will be used in the next 3 years. the article, Solid State Disks
read article by Plasmon the Impact of Compliance  on Archival Storage Strategies
the Impact of Compliance on Archival Storage Strategies - article by Plasmon

It's difficult enough protecting and archiving your data so that it's available to the right people at the right time (and cost). But now that's only part of the problem. With so many new rules and regulations which prescribe how you should destroy data records at the appropriate time - how do you guarantee that they stay deleted?

Archiving data on the wrong kind of media could mean you run the risk of breaking the law. Advances in the data recovery industry, and the future cohabitation of storage search-engines both mean that Compliance Officers have to pay much more attention to the ways in which data is dispersed and disposed of in different types of media.

This article summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of currently available market technologies. ... read the article, ...Plasmon profile, Optical Libraries
Aldermaston, UK - Thursday 6th April 2000 - Auspex Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Killen as its new UK Country Manager. Killen joins Auspex from Siemens Business Services where he headed up business development on Siemens' businesses. He was previously responsible for the IT services outsourced from Siemens' other businesses. Killen also oversaw the Y2K program for Siemens in the UK. In total, Killen has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing roles with companies such as Oracle, Wang, Xerox and Micrognosis. He is based at Auspex's new European Headquarters in Aldermaston. Rob Killen - Auspex UK
solid state disks
Solid state disks
Michelangelo found David inside a rock.
Megabyte was looking for a solid state disk.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - April 4 /PRNewswire/ - IDC's new analysis of the Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) market forecasts a market of 4.4 million ports in 2003, which represents $1.7 billion in factory revenues. This growth is driven by the demand for simplified storage management provided by storage area network (SAN) technology. IDC's 2000 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Forecast and Analysis, 1997-2003 bulletin reports and forecasts this surging market.

"The unprecedented demand for server disk storage capacity and storage performance is fueling an increasingly hot market for storage area networks and the associated Fibre Channel interconnects," said Robert Gray, director of IDC's Worldwide Storage Systems research. "Fibre Channel is rapidly becoming the preferred external server storage interconnect for high-end storage solutions."

While Fibre Channel hub and switch suppliers have had extraordinary market attention in recent years, each hub or switch port requires a connection on the other end of the fibre. This connection is most often a HBA or HBA chip adapter. In addition, Fibre Channel HBAs are used extensively for direct connected storage that does not employ switches or hubs. The HBA market posted a robust annual growth rate of 115% from 1998 to 1999. Sun Microsystems and Compaq Computer were the number two and three ranked suppliers, respectively, possessing a 36% market share. Both companies benefited from the higher port values that reseller and direct markets provide over OEM pricing levels. Other suppliers in this market include JNI, QLogic, Interphase, Adaptec, Agilent, ATTO, VMIC, Prisa, Delphis Engineering, andCambex.

PALO ALTO, CA - April 4, 2000 /BUSINESS WIRE/ - Legato today introduced Legato wanCluster(TM), the first disaster recovery solution that provides high availability for applications using heterogeneous data storage and automated site-to-site failover. Legato wanCluster is designed to protect customers' current infrastructure investments by supporting heterogeneous data storage devices, and to improve the manageability of long-distance replication solutions by controlling and automating their operations.

HOPKINTON, MA, SAN JOSE and REDWOOD SHORES, CA., April 3, 2000 – To address the escalating demands on e-business infrastructures, EMC Corp., Cisco Systems, Inc. and Oracle Corp. today announced the ECOstructure (EMC/Cisco/Oracle Infrastructure) initiative - an alliance designed to integrate advanced technologies and provide the tools necessary to simplify, accelerate and otherwise improve the implementation of highly available e-business infrastructures. As part of the initiative, a joint development center has been established to create technical configuration blueprints that streamline use of the high availability components of each companies' products across an entire infrastructure "ecosystem." The first of these blueprints, The Resilient ECOstructure, defines best practices and provides reference configurations for the implementation, operation and support of a complete networking, storage and software solution.

LOUISVILLE, CO - March 30, 2000- /BUSINESS WIRE/ - StorageTek Spins-off Storage Solutions Business; Forms ManagedStorage International With Great Hill Partners. StorageTek and Great Hill Partners LLC today announced the formation of ManagedStorage International Inc. ManagedStorage International will offer data storage services including storage on demand, server backup, PC backup and content management services. Content management services will support and expand vertical market storage solutions previously developed by StorageTek. These solutions reduce the complexity and risks associated with the storage management activities necessary in high storage demand and Internet-based business applications.

"Customers of ManagedStorage International can focus on the growth of their businesses rather than engage in the details and tactics of storage and content management," said Patrick Curran, partner, Great Hill Partners. "We are enabling customers to buy storage services in the same way they currently purchase electricity - as the need arises on a pay-as-you-go basis. This is particularly appropriate for dot-com start-ups where efficient capital utilization and flexibility is crucial to success, especially in the first few years of operation."

The deal represents one of the largest start-ups ever funded in Colorado, combining StorageTek's contribution to ManagedStorage International of certain managed storage customer contracts, hardware, software and related intellectual property along with the $50 million equity funding commitment from Great Hill. Approximately 70 skilled storage professionals, formerly employees of StorageTek, will become employees of ManagedStorage. In return, StorageTek will receive a minority ownership interest in the stock of ManagedStorage International. In addition to its ownership interest in ManagedStorage, StorageTek will sell hardware and services to ManagedStorage.

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