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Silicon Image

Silicon Image (NASDAQ: SIMG) is a leading provider of multimedia connectivity solutions and services for mobile, consumer electronics and PC markets. Silicon Image’s semiconductor and intellectual property products feature wireless and wired technologies that deliver connectivity across a wide array of devices in the home, office and on the go. Silicon Image has driven the creation of the industry standards HDMI®, DVI™, MHL® and WirelessHD®, and offers manufacturers comprehensive standards interoperability and compliance testing services via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Simplay Labs. For more information, visit

editor's comments:- Among other things (such as wireless interfaces) Silicon Image has some products which are closely related to the storage interface market.

Silicon Image mentions in storage market history

In June 2001 - Silicon Image acquired CMD (a RAID controller company).

In 2008 - Silicon Image was listed in our annual feature - the Fastest Growing Storage Companies

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How adaptive is the SSD behavior to changes in itself?

The degree to which this passing of the intelligence can impact behavior in other parts of the SSD - is what I call adaptive intelligence flow symmetry - one of eleven key symmetries in SSD design.
11 Key Symmetries in SSD design
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