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Databeans, Inc., headquartered in Reno, Nevada, USA, is an internationally recognized market research firm focused on the semiconductor and electronics industry. Databeans publishes over 30 market research reports annually that are available for purchase as individual studies, or bundled together in cost-saving subscription services. Databeans' detailed quality studies, industry leading customer service, and unparallel responsiveness are unmatched in the electronics market research industry. For more information, please contact Databeans at (775) 624-2881, or email us at

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  • editor's comments:- March 2012 - among other things Databeans publishes regular reports on the memory market.

    Their free monthly newsletter provides market size estimates and forecasts for many segments in the IC market, including memory.

    Although I couldn't find any specific reports about SSDs on their site when I looked a year ago - that is now starting to change and SSDs are creeping into some of their report coverage.

    some past mentions of Databeans in storage history

    In July 2011 - Databeans published a new edition of its Memory Market Tracker ($2,800 quarterly / $6,450 annual) which provides the latest market trends in both DRAM and Flash as well as other memory markets including SRAM, PROM/EPROM, IC Card, Contactless IC Card, and Other Memory.

    In March 2012 - Databeans published a report on the microntroller market ($3,600 132 pages).
Retiring and retiering enterprise DRAM was one of the big SSD ideas which took hold in the market in 2015.

Over 20 companies have already announced products for this market among which are Memory1, 3DXPoint etc

But what are the underlying reasons that will make it feasible for slower cheaper memory to replace most of the future DRAM market without applications noticing?
latency loving reasons for fading out DRAM

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It's by no means inevitable that the biggest memory companies will go on to become the biggest SSD companies.
an SSD guide to semiconductor memory boom-bust cycles
Databeans expects growth in mil / aero semico market
Editor:- November 16, 2016 - A new blog by Databeans - a Turn Around on the Horizon for Mil/Aero says it expects revenue for semiconductors used in the military and aerospace market to grow by 8% in 2017. the article
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How committed (really) are these companies
to the military SSD business?
a not so simple list of military SSD companies
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