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DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems

DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems is an Ottawa based company. They are dedicated to providing the most advanced systems and equipment for the 3D data recovery process which includes: Drive Restoration, Disk Imaging, Data Forensics, and Data Retrieval. DeepSpar also provides the technologically advanced PC-3000 family of products.

DeepSpar is committed to providing the best knowledge and data recovery equipment to recovery professionals. Their knowledge and extensive experience extends beyond the product line to R&D, technology research, hard disk drive theory, and business management / consultation.

With unparalleled training and technical support available, DeepSpar also educates data recovery professionals around the globe, sharing knowledge, theory, and optimal practices.

see also:- an article on DeepSpar's web site - Data Loss and Hard Drive Failure: Understanding the Causes and Costs.

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profile updated by vendor May 7, 2008

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