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editor's notes from Storage History.

This is an archived page which shows details of ICS's hand-held, hard disk drive duplicator ($1,250) - as featured here on StorageSearch.com in 2005.

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Image MASSter Solo Forensic Kits

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Intelligent Computer Solutions ImageMASSter Solo2 Pro

The ImageMASSter Solo2 Pro is a hand-held, hard disk drive duplication device designed to copy from one source drive to one or two target drives (with the purchase of additional s/w to copy into two target drives). Multiple Copy Modes are available to support the standard Windows Operating Systems and non-Windows Operating Systems. Partitions are automatically scaled and formatted during the copy process, eliminating the need to manually prepare the drives prior to transferring data. Data can be transferred at speeds exceeding 1.8 gigabytes per minute. The IM Solo2 Pro has the ability to copy SCSI drives, S-ATA drives and other ATA compatible devices, such as Compact Flash. The IM Solo2 Pro functions and features provide the IT Professional with a powerful IT duplication device.

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