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Fortasa Memory Systems

Fortasa Memory Systems, headquartered in Silicon Valley, Calif., is a leading provider of Solid State Storage Solutions uniquely focused to meet the high-performance, high reliability needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We are focused on meeting customer specific technical needs with unique and differentiated Memory Storage Products. We offer a wide range of memory solutions that integrate state-of-the-art Flash Controller technology to significantly extend the reliability of Flash media beyond its standard rated operation. Our goal is to differentiate ourselves from the generic storage product suppliers in 3 areas:

1) - Continued support of legacy and installed base products such as PC Cards, Small Capacity Flash cards, etc.

2) - Productize custom storage solutions that would offer a unique and differentiated value to the customer. These include custom form factor, unique product features and special interface commands

3) - Proliferation of Non-commodity applications and special requirements – Industrial and Higher temperature range, Military requirements, etc.

  • editor's comments:- May 2011 - Fortasa is a relative newcomer to the SSD market. The company was founded in late 2009 by and started to ship revenue product in 2010. The company confirmed to me it has an official distributor in Russia - with a Russian language web site. I asked about this - because I am genetically suspicious about dot-ru sites - so I asked if it was just spam. It's not.

    Fortasa says it aims to differentiate itself from generic consumer SSD makers. Fortasa uses its own proprietary SSD controller algorithms to increase operating life and data integrity.

    Fortasa's white paper SSD Power Failure Recovery (pdf) (first published in January 2010) is a useful article about the subject of Surviving SSD sudden power loss. Among other techniques Fortasa's design makes a redundant copy of the FAT structure when doing a block write which is retained until after the write has been verified - to "practically eliminate any chance of FAT table corruption." - Fortasa also specifies that system designers should provide approximately "5mS of reserve power to their SSDs to complete the NAND max program time, control signal propagation delay and queuing." That means the designer doesn't have to guess or over-design the power hold-up.

Fast Purge SSDs
The need for fast and secure data erase - in which vital parts of a flash SSD or its data are destroyed in seconds - has always been a requirement in military projects.

Fast Purge flash SSDs directory & articlesAlthough many industrial SSD vendors offer products with extended "rugged" operating environment capabilities - and even notebooks SSDs come with encryption - it's the availability of fast data purge which differentiates "truly secure" SSDs which can be deployed in sensitive applications.
Data Integrity Challenges in flash SSD Design
Editor:- Data Integrity Challenges in flash SSD Design is an article - written by Kent Smith Senior Director, Product Marketing, SandForce.

Reliability is the next new thing for SSD designers and users to start worrying about.
read the article about SSD integrity A common theme you will hear from all fast SSD companies is that the faster you make an SSD go - the more effort you have to put into understanding and engineering data integrity to eliminate the risk of "silent errors." the article

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