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Headquartered just outside of Washington, D.C., IceWEB manufactures award-winning, high performance unified data storage appliances with enterprise storage management capabilities at a fraction of the price of traditional providers. Through thin provisioning, target deduplication and inline compression, IceWEB's unified storage arrays enable standardization, consolidation and optimized storage utilization for virtual and cloud environments, saving up to 90% of storage costs, while reducing space, power and cooling requirements and simplifying storage management. For more information please call 800-465-4637 or visit

Editor's comments:- May 2012 - IceWEB designs rackmount hybrid SSD systems - with a degree of SSD ASAPs / auto accelerating functionality - which the company markets as the IceWEB Storage System.

These unified storage systems - FC SAN / iSCSI / NAS connected - can scale upto petabytes - and include features such as dedupe, compression and snapshots.

Where do they get their SSD components from?

IceWEB recently announced they use OCZ’s SAS Talos 2 SSDs and SATA III Deneva 2 SSDs.

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"In 1993 - StorageTek acquired Amperif which had been selling a RAM SSD product called Arctic Fox."
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