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INNOVENTIONS, Inc., a Houston-based private company, pioneered the field of portable memory testers in 1987 with its SIMCHECK and RAMCHECK brands. The Company is also developing various technologies like GyroView and DiskConnector for licensing by other companies.

For further information please contact Scott LaRoche, Director of Sales at INNOVENTIONS, Inc., 10425 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77099. Phone (281) 879-6226. e-mail:

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controllernomics - is that even a real word?
When storage was slower and memories were smaller and the software assumptions were much older and processors were more deferentially looked up to - all the controller designs in the data food chain looked good in comparison to the other devices surrounding them. But now a factor which I call "controllernomics" is the most important science which sets the limits to the quality of datasystems latency seen at the server motherboard level no matter how good the raw memory cell R/W times.

controllernomics benchmarks in flash tiered as RAM

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