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In-Stat offers a broad range of information resources and analytical assets to technology vendors, service providers, technology professionals, and market specialists worldwide. The company stands alone in its ability to integrate both supply-side and demand-side research methodologies into a single comprehensive view of technology markets and products. This capability relies on a unique ability to cover the entire value chain from engineering-level technology, through equipment, infrastructure, services and end-users.

In-Stat is a strategic segment of the $8 billion Reed Elsevier global information network, with access to an expansive worldwide electronic network, extensive technology databases and well-informed personnel. In-Stat analysts gain exceptional insight into geographic market places and specific technologies within markets such as electronics, cable and wireless. As a member of Reed Business Information, In-Stat is a division of the largest business-to-business publisher in the U.S.

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  • editor comments:- April 2012 - In-Stat no longer exists as a distinct brand according to a message on its home page.

    In December 2008 - In-Stat published a report - SSD Story: Slow on the Uptake. Here's part of the description of that report.

    "With decreasing flash memory prices and the shift to mobile computing, SSDs are finally moving from the data center to the PC as many had predicted over a decade ago. This transition, however, will not happen overnight owing to a number of issues, including drive density limitations, cost per megabyte compared to HDDs, and performance. This report examines the rise of the SSD market, the challenges that remain ahead and which segments of the market will experience growth."

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"In July 2006 - market research company In-Stat predicted that 50% of mobile computers would use SSDs (instead of hard disks) by 2013."
...from:- Charting the 36 year rise of the SSD market
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"You can't just multiply last year's revenue figures by x100 to estimate the eventual size of the enterprise SSD market. But it's a good place to start..."
......from the article:- will the enterprise SSD market be big enough for all these companies [list] to grow?

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