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International Microsystems

International Microsystems is a leading manufacturer of Flash memory card testers and duplicators. Established in 1976 and based in Silicon Valley, USA, it has sales offices in Europe and Asia as well as world wide representatives. Its products are internationally known for their reliability, ease of use and high speed of operation.

IMI's Flash card memory testers target SATA, USB, CF, SD and MMC technologies. The testers support a wide range of memory card controller manufacturers and allow low level formatting, DC and AC parametric testing, functional testing, and compliance testing. Most IMI testers are bench top units, with burn-in chamber testers and high volume handler tester interfaces also available.

IMI Flash card memory duplicators target SATA, USB, CF, SD, and MMC technologies. Easily stacked, IMI duplicators can be purchased with 4 to 64 slots.

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In March 2008 - International Microsystems launched a range of SATA flash SSD testers and duplicators.

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