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Lockstep Systems

Lockstep Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of disk-based backup and disaster recovery software designed especially for small and midsize businesses.

Our family of backup products includes Backup for Workgroups, the industry standard in disk-based, client/server backup for networked Windows Servers, MS-SQL Servers, Exchange Servers, Active Directory and Windows workstations; and Backup for One, the disk-based backup utility for individual and home Windows computers. Backup for Workgroups customers include small and midsize businesses, and departments of larger enterprises such as Intel, Cisco, NASA, The National Weather Service, Air Liquide America and Container Service Corporation. Lockstep Systems is a privately held company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded by the team who developed the backup software now known as Computer Associates' BrightStor Mobile Backup.

  • editor's comments:- Lockstep's software supports bare-metal disaster recovery.

    To keep the costs down it doesn't include a new copy of Windows. Instead you load a minimal version of Windows on the new target hardware - and the recovery process will replace it with the backed up version of everything that was on your disk.

    see also:- History of Enterprise Disk to Disk Backup
"In Space the Data Recovery Engineer can't hear You Scream"
from a story about ECC, NASA and SSDs - February 2010
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