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Storage History - 2002, August week 1

BOULDER, CO - August 7, 2002 - Exabyte Corporation today announced availability of its newest LTO automation product, the Magnum20 LTO Tape Library.

The Magnum20 packs up to 8 IBM LTO tape drives and 148 Exabyte LTO cartridges into a 20u rack mount space delivering the highest automation density in the industry. Special features and options include 8-way partitioning, remote management, and direct Fibre Channel attachment avoiding the complications and saving the costs of intermediate routers and bridges. Magnum20 and LTO tape technology meet the capacity, performance, and budget requirements of mid-range and enterprise-class users. At an MSRP of $16,499, the Magnum20 library delivers a cost per terabyte of less than $550, one-third the cost of other LTO tape libraries.

"The Magnum20 is the first member of a new family of high density, low cost automation products that we plan to introduce by the end of 2003", commented Tom Ward, President and CEO of Exabyte. "Our strategy for the Magnum20 LTO Tape Library is very simple. We will leverage our feature set, density, and cost advantages, and our leadership position in Fibre Channel connectivity, to aggressively pursue and win market share in the LTO automation market."

"Cartridge density and rack mount design in automation products are becoming more important to a growing number of users who face rising costs driven by expanding data storage needs and a shrinking supply of available floor space," stated Fara Yale, chief analyst, Computer Storage Service, Gartner Dataquest. ...Exabyte profile

PARK RIDGE, N.J. - Aug. 7, 2002 - Sony Electronics today announced that the company's global recording media business has received qualification from Quantum Corporation to manufacture DLTtape IV media.

Sony DLTtape IV media uses half-inch MP (metal particle) tape in a single-reel cartridge, designed to store 80 GB of data (compressed) and to transfer data at up to 12 MB/s (compressed), when used in conjunction with Quantum's DLT 8000 drive. Compatibility also extends to Quantum's DLT 7000, DLT 4000, and DLT1 drives, as well as Benchmark Tape Innovation's ValueSmart Tape 80. Additionally, Sony DLTtape IV media is read-compatible with Quantum's industry-leading SDLT 220 and SDLT 320 drives, based on Super DLTtape technology. In addition to DLTtape IV media, Sony offers an impressive array of data storage tape formats, including both helical-scan and linear-based recording media in various tape and cartridge sizes, along with different storage capacities.

"As an industry leader, we now offer the most extensive technology-based product portfolio in the data storage industry," said Tom Evans, vice president of marketing for the media and applications solutions division of Sony Electronics, based in Park Ridge, N.J. "By offering a broad selection of industry-accepted formats like DLTtape IV, we can continue to provide our customers with a range of technologies to meet their evolving IT data storage needs."

"The qualification of Sony DLTtape IV media helps ensure compatibility and long-term investment protection to benefit the large installed base of DLTtape technology customers," said Phil Ritti, vice president, general manager, Quantum DLTtape Media Division. "Sony worked extensively with Quantum to ensure top quality development of the market-leading technology that customers expect from with DLTtape IV media." ...Quantum profile, ...Sony profile

Fountain Valley, Calif. - August 06, 2002 - Kingston Company Inc. today announced an immediate price reduction by an average of 12 percent on its complete line of CompactFlash™ Digital Products, 32MB MultiMediaCards™ (MMC), and 64MB MultiMediaCards.

Kingston has taken a strong inventory position and is now able to reduce the price on 32MB MMC, 64MB MMC, and all CompactFlash products.

"This price reduction demonstrates Kingston's commitment to customer satisfaction by passing along the savings," said Mike Kuppinger, digital media product manager, Kingston. "Kingston's announcement today reaffirms our commitment to providing digital storage solutions for today's technologically advanced, fast-paced, mobile work environments at a reasonable price," added Kuppinger. ...Kingston Technology profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - August 6, 2002 - Silicon Image, Inc. today announced it is sampling the industry's lowest power 2 Gigabit/sec. (Gbps) quad-port Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) optimized for Fibre Channel applications.

Leveraging Silicon Image's field-proven, high-speed Multi-layer Serial Link (MSL™) technology core, the SiI™ 2024™ SerDes delivers industry-leading power dissipation of approximately 250 mW per port, enabling switch vendors to offer higher port densities at the lowest power.

Port densities are increasing in a number of storage and networking applications to accommodate the growing system bandwidth requirements resulting from the sheer volume of data traffic. Simultaneously, system power budget limitations pose significant constraints on the designers of these multi-port devices. The SiI 2024 Quad SerDes' breakthrough power consumption represents a 50% power reduction over Silicon Image's 2 Gbps Fibre Channel SerDes, the SiI 2020A™, which until now offered the lowest power consumption per port. By significantly reducing power supply and cooling requirements, the SiI 2024 SerDes optimizes system reliability and lowers overall system costs. With its compact size, the SiI 2024 has the potential to eliminate PCB layers and shrink PCB footprints, simplifying board design and thereby lowering system costs and speeding time to market.

The SiI 2024 Quad SerDes is currently sampling with key partners, with production release scheduled for Q4 '02. Packaged as a 324-pin LBGA, the SiI 2024 is priced at $34 in 10K quantities. ...Silicon Image profile

CARLSBAD, Calif. - August 6, 2002 - Dot Hill announced today that it recently shipped its 5000th SANnet® storage system.

These carrier-class disk storage systems are installed worldwide and are NEBS Level 3 and MIL-STD-810F certified. SANnet is the only family of products in the industry to pass this extreme testing.

"This milestone demonstrates that SANnet is the system of choice for end users and original equipment manufacturers," said Jim Lambert, Dot Hill chief executive officer. "SANnet is a high-performance, highly fault-tolerant storage system that has proved itself in mission-critical environments—particularly those run by government and military agencies, telecommunications equipment manufacturers and Internet Service Providers—where system downtime is not an option. SANnet's modular, open-systems architecture makes it a scalable, cost-effective option for systems integrators and organizations of all sizes."

The SANnet family of storage systems includes SCSI and Fibre Channel models – the 3000, 4000 and 7000 Series – and expansion chassis that scale from gigabytes to multi-terabytes in capacity. All SANnet storage products deliver 99.9998+ percent uptime – that's just 45 seconds of unplanned downtime per year. SANnet storage systems are easily integrated into diverse network environments. They support single or multiple servers on a wide range of open systems platforms – Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and Linux. ...Dot Hill profile

Burlington, MA and Melville, NY - August 6, 2002 - Bus-Tech™, Inc. and FalconStor™ Software, Inc. announced today that Bus-Tech's Mainframe Appliance for Storage™ has been certified for interoperability with FalconStor's IPStor™.

Together the companies provide an affordable, highly functional SAN-based Tape-on-Disk system for IBM System/390 class mainframes.

Bus-Tech's Mainframe Appliance for Storage (MAS) is a System/390 Tape-on-Disk Controller providing ESCON connection to System/390 class mainframes and UltraSCSI or Fibre Channel connection to open-systems storage. Tape files written from the mainframe to the MAS are stored on SCSI or Fibre Channel disks providing the customer enhanced backup/disaster recovery, open-systems data exchange, and improved operations efficiency through the elimination of tape.

FalconStor's IPStor provides a storage networking software infrastructure that enables companies to utilize storage efficiently, execute backup quickly, expand capacity smoothly, and significantly reduce total storage management costs. The software provides storage services-virtualization, active-active failover, capacity-on-demand, remote replication, mirroring, snapshot, zero-impact backup/restore enablers, and more through a software-only design that runs on existing industry standard hardware.

When the MAS is connected to an IPStor server via Fibre Channel, the IPStor server appears to the MAS as a SAN-attached disk. The MAS provides the tape-on-disk capabilities to the mainframe, appearing as multiple 3480 tape drives. IPStor provides Enterprise-class storage services including high availability, synchronous mirroring, remote replication, zero-impact backup enabler, DynaPath for Dynamic multi-pathing, and TimeMark/TimeView for scheduled disk-based change-journaling and instant data recovery. ...Bus-Tech profile, ...FalconStor Software profile

Irvine, CA - August 5, 2002 – StoreAge Networking Technologies today announced interoperability certification between StoreAge 's SVM™ (Storage Virtualization Manager) and BakBone Software's flagship backup and recovery software, NetVault™.

The certification offers customers a fully tested and supported solution that will automatically backup business-critical data in SAN environments while production systems continue to operate. By integrating StoreAge 's network-based storage virtualization and data replication technology with BakBone's data protection capabilities, customers can now perform automated and non-disruptive backups of their SAN environments. Controlled by user-defined procedures, the automated backup process uses StoreAge 's multiView™ snapshot and multiCopy™ replication products to create instantly addressable volume copies, and then directs BakBone's NetVault software to backup that data. The snapshot, replication and backup processes all occur non-disruptively in the background, while production servers remain online, thus maximizing application uptime and data availability.

"Many administrators are faced with the very difficult problem of backing up increasing amounts of data while trying to meet application Service Level Agreements that demand greater uptime," said Mark Spowart, President of StoreAge Networking Technologies Inc. "By partnering with BakBone Software, our mutual customers now have a complete data protection solution that allows their business-critical applications to remain online while their data is backed up quickly and non-disruptively."

StoreAge 's SVM dramatically reduces the cost of SAN storage and SAN storage management by centralizing the provisioning, performance optimization and protection of storage across heterogeneous hosts and storage devices. Key business advantages of SVM include more efficient utilization of SAN resources, simplified management of disparate storage assets, data replication for enhanced business continuity, accelerated application testing and deployment, online data restores, and non-disruptive backup to both disk and tape. ...BakBone Software profile, ...StoreAge Networking Technologies profile

BOULDER, Colo. - August 5, 2002 – Spectra Logic today announced four Canadian resellers agreements with Axidata, Care Factor, DAR-ProLan and Stoneworks Technology.

The addition of these resellers confirms Spectra Logic's increase support for the Canadian market, and its tape libraries and services will compliment the storage offerings of these Canadian VARs.

"We value our new relationship with these Canadian-based resellers because it allows Spectra Logic to successfully reach the customers in this important market," said Bill Reed, Spectra Logic's senior vice president of sales and marketing. "These relationships will increase our value add to end users through the exceptional customer service our new Canadian partners offer." ...Spectra Logic profile

San Ramon CA - August 5, 2002 - Pegasus Disk Technologies announces qualification of its InveStore Version 4.0 archive management software with VERITAS NetBackup Storage Migrator.

The combination of VERITAS NetBackup Storage Migrator and InveStore allows file system migration with archive media support such as write-once magneto optical and DVD for Windows 2000 platforms. The flexibility and scalability of InveStore v4 are ideal for the large-scale, multiple platform environments in which VERITAS NetBackup Storage Migrator customers already operate.

"The archive capability added by Pegasus is significant because it offers enhanced functionality by combining the power of VERITAS NetBackup Storage Migrator with archive media support of Pegasus InveStore," said Jerry Hoetger, senior manager, product marketing, VERITAS Software.

InveStore v4 is an easy to implement software solution for managing storage devices under Windows NT and 2000. It provides Explorer like functionality, while maintaining compatibility and support for the historical media and devices that are used for storage management. It also provides for the ability to expand single-volume limitations, spanning multiple volumes for increased data archival capability. InveStore goes beyond similar products by providing greater functionality and enterprise level control of the data storage system and its individual components. ...Pegasus Disk Technologies profile, ...VERITAS Software profile

ACTON, Mass. - August 5, 2002 - Pirus™ Networks today announced that the Pirus PSX-1000 been verified by Brocade as interoperable with Brocade SAN infrastructure in testing conducted through the Brocade Fabric Aware Program, an end-to-end interoperability initiative for SANs.

The program is a comprehensive testing and configuration initiative designed to foster SAN interoperability in multi-vendor Brocade SAN environments. Testing was conducted at the Brocade interoperability labs, which are state-of-the-art facilities supporting end-to-end interoperability and performance testing of SAN products in multi-vendor and large fabric SAN environments. In the testing configurations, the PSX-1000 enabled the extension of Fibre Channel SAN storage assets to applications and users across IP networks.

"It is a business reality that there is no 'silver bullet' that can solve the enterprise storage challenge," said Rich Napolitano, president and CEO of Pirus Networks. "As a result, interoperability must occur, not only between different storage approaches, but also among the different vendor solutions for those approaches. The Pirus founding mission was to facilitate interoperability in heterogeneous storage environments by creating an intelligent storage infrastructure that increases performance and efficiency while reducing complexity and cost. We are pleased to be a part of the Brocade Fabric Aware Program, which is one of the premier industry interoperability initiatives that is focused on addressing customers' real world needs." ...Brocade profile, ...Pirus Networks profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.- August 5, 2002 - Seagate announced today that SONICblue Incorporated has chosen Seagate hard drives for its RioCentral - a revolutionary home stereo component that lets consumers instantly store, organize and access their entire personal CD and digital music collections.

The RioCentral delivers superb digital sound quality through existing home stereo systems, and functions as an all-in-one music center, including the ability to download music to portable Rio players or play music on companion Rio Receivers spread throughout the home. Since shipping the first hard drive for Consumer Electronics devices in 1997, Seagate has become a leading storage choice among Consumer Electronics innovators like SONICblue.

"As simple to use as a CD player, but as smart as a PC, RioCentral uses a Seagate hard drive to store up to 650 CDs in an easy-to-use stereo component," said Greg Ballard, executive vice president of marketing and product management, SONICblue.

"SONICblue is well-known for its innovation in new entertainment technology, and Seagate's goal is to help our partners continue to push technology boundaries in the home audio market," said Brian Dexheimer, Seagate executive vice president, Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. "RioCentral exploits Seagate's hard drives in new ways - supporting networking and downloading music to additional components - and is one of the only solutions available with sound quality that meets the expectations of home audio enthusiasts." ...Seagate profile

COSTA MESA, Calif. - August 5, 2002 - Emulex Corporation announced today that EMC Corporation has qualified the Emulex LightPulse LP9802 and LP982 PCI-X HBAs as E-Lab Tested for use with the company's enterprise storage systems.

EMC's newest qualifications include Emulex HBAs for use with EMC's Symmetrix® Enterprise Storage systems in Windows and Linux environments, and EMC CLARiiON Enterprise Storage systems for Windows.

EMC's E-Lab Tested qualification process is a series of exhaustive functionality and reliability tests to ensure the interoperability of all components that make up a multi-vendor information storage network. In EMC's E-Labs, engineers replicate customer environments using 2,600 terabytes of storage across nearly five acres of floor space. E-Lab Tested means that Emulex HBAs are fully interoperable with EMC information storage systems, enabling customers to deploy heterogeneous storage networks, quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. ...EMC profile, ...Emulex profile

Munich/Germany – August 5, 2002 – Infineon Technologies today announced it has broadened its portfolio of Low-Power DRAMs and is now in volume production of 256Mbit Mobile-RAM memory chips, which are available in chip-size Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) and Thin Small Outline packages (TSOP). Due to its 50% smaller footprint and reduced power consumption compared to both standard SDRAM and simpler, reduced voltage low-power DRAM, Infineon's Mobile-RAM is ideally suited for applications in handheld electronics. Power consumption of Mobile-RAM in stand-by mode is less than half of a conventional DRAM. Now available in both 128Mbit and 256Mbit density, Mobile-RAM is designed to serve as main memory in systems such as PDAs, Smart-Phones, Web-Pads and Digital-Cameras.

The world market for Personal Digital Assistants, the largest of the target markets for the Mobile-RAM, is around 16 million PDA units in 2002, and is projected by International Data Corp. to grow approximately 36% per year to 53 million units in 2005. Infineon began deliveries of 256 Mobile-RAM to manufacturers of handheld systems in the second quarter of 2002. In small volumes, the components are priced at US$ 15.00 each. Volume pricing is available on request. ...Infineon Technologies profile

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.- August 5, 2002 - QLogic Corp. today announced that EMC Corporation has qualified the new QLogic SANblade 2340 Series PCI-X host bus adapters (HBAs) with Symmetrix® and CLARiiON® Enterprise Storage systems as E-Lab Tested™. T

he SANblade QLA2340 was qualified as EMC E-Lab Tested with Symmetrix and CLARiiON Enterprise Storage systems in Novell Netware, Windows NT and Windows 2000 environments. In addition, the SANblade QLA2342 dual-port HBA is E-Lab Tested with Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems in Solaris environments as well as with Symmetrix and CLARiiON Enterprise Storage systems in Windows NT and Windows 2000 environments. ...EMC profile, ...QLogic profile

TINTON FALLS, N.J. - August 2, 2002 - Storage Engine, Inc. today announced that it has sold a majority of its patents to Veritas Software Corporation for $1 million.

Storage Engine has retained a perpetual, royalty free license to the patents. ...Storage Engine profile, ...VERITAS Software profile

CARLSBAD, Calif. and LUMBERTON, NJ - August 1, 2002 - Dot Hill and INRANGE today announced the completion of interoperability testing between Dot Hill's SANnet 7000 series Fibre Channel storage systems with the INRANGE FC/9000 family of Fibre Channel Directors.

SANnet was tested and verified on Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, AIX and Solaris operating systems.

"SANnet is designed using open standards, as are all products developed under our OpenAxis Intelligence strategic initiative," said Dana Kammersgard, chief technology officer for Dot Hill. "This verification is another proof point that we are achieving the high interoperability standards we have set. Dot Hill's support of director-class hardware confirms our commitment and SANnet¹s viability in the enterprise market. Our initiative and INRANGE's vision are very similar ­ to provide an infrastructure that scales, supports diverse environments, and makes data accessible from anywhere." ...Dot Hill profile, ...INRANGE Technologies profile

BASINGSTOKE, UK - August 1, 2002 - BakBone Software today the planned availability of VaultDR a new online disaster recovery APM that provides complete recovery capabilities for Windows-based operating system platforms.

VaultDR Online will allow user to perform backups while the system is online (Operating System running and active), allowing users access to the system's applications. VaultDR Online complements the VaultDR APM (bare metal restore) by allowing users to recover from disk failures without having to manually re-install the base operating system. The VaultDR Online APM includes VaultOS mini-kernel and supports the most popular NIC and SCSI card drivers, along with the utility for the creation of boot floppies.

"We are committed to extending our Disaster Recovery support. In today's economy, data is your business and VaultDR Online will ensure that your data will be available quickly in the event of a catastrophic failure," said Charles Keiper, NetVault Product Manager. "VaultDR Online allows operating systems to backup data while active and running, providing our customers the most comprehensive and reliable protection in the quickest manner. VaultDR Online also works in conjunction with BakBone's NetVault( backup and restore software to provide data protection, scaling from the workgroup to the enterprise." ...BakBone Software profile

Editor - August 1, 2002 - the big storage event this month is going to be Storage World Conference 2002 in San Jose, Calif., August 20 - 21.

Last year this was rescheduled because of travel difficulties in the weeks following September 11, but when the show finally did take place in December, it was very well attended and became an important barometer of the storage industry. is once again proud to be a media sponsor for this event. On the subject of past events, we have a storage events archive on our marketing faqs site. That lets you look back at events which have already taken place upto a year ago. It can be useful if you're doing long range planning, because most conferences and expos follow a yearly cycle.

Later this month on STORAGEsearch we've got new articles in the pipeline about solid state disks, and storage virtualization written by leading vendors in those two markets. Those are hot topics for many of our readers.
Megabyte's selection of storage news
10 years editing the storage news on hadn't aged
Megabyte one little bit.
Exabyte Announces 30 Terabyte LTO Library

Sony to Produce DLT Media

Kingston Reduces Prices On CompactFlash and MMC

Lowest Power 2 Gbps Quad Fibre Channel SerDes

Dot Hill Ships 5000th SANnet Storage System

Bus-Tech's Mainframe Appliance Certified with FalconStor

StoreAge Networking Partners with BakBone

SPectra Logic Announces New VARs in Canada

Pegasus Announces Qualification with VERITAS

Pirus and Brocade Demonstrate Interoperability

SONICblue Chooses Seagate Hard Drives

New Emulex PCI-X Host Bus Adapters Qualified by EMC

Volume Production of 256Mbit Mobile-RAM

QLogic PCI-X HBAs Qualified by EMC

Storage Engine, Inc. Sells Certain Patents to Veritas Software

Dot Hill Announces Interoperability with INRANGE FC/9000

Bakbone Software Announces Online Disaster Recovery

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Sun Users Waiting for Fujitsu?

meanwhile Microsoft aims to cut off Sun's oxygen supply

In the Wintel world whenever Intel is a bit slow in bringing out a new faster processor, manufacturers of PCs and servers don't worry, because they know that arch rival AMD is waiting in the wings and will soon come up with such a solution. That competitive pressure keeps the performance curve leaning into the wind. The same used to be true in the world of SPARC processors, back in the early 90's when the data bus was still operating at 32 bits.

A company called Weitek produced a clock doubling SPARC processor which was a user installable upgrade for single processor workstations like the SPARCstation 2. At about the same time another company, Ross Technology brought out its hyperSPARC chips for multi-processor systems like the SPARCstation 10 and 20. The hyperSPARCs were typically 30% to 40% faster than Sun's own SuperSPARC chips at that time. Both products achieved significant market share (upto about 20% of compatible systems). Both products attacked Sun at its core, and this was good for users because they got faster products quicker and cheaper. The change to 64 bits gave Sun an advantage over wouldbe chip rivals, because Sun controlled the operating system. Fujitsu owned HAL Computer launched the first 64 bit SPARC workstation in 1995, but within weeks Sun did the same, and little more was heard of HAL until the company was closed down some years later.

Sun's recent acquisition of Afara Websystems deals a death blow to the prospect of a rank outsider coming in with acceleration options anytime soon for owners of legacy Sun servers. Fujitsu still makes its own SPARC chips, but 1995 was the last time that a Fujitsu designed SPARC chip ran faster than one from Sun, so it's unlikely that the Sun marketers in Mountain View are trembling in anticipation of what comes next. (Unlike Intel when it comes to new product announcements by AMD.) The Sun marketers already know that the next fastest SPARC chip will be one designed by Sun. And when they're good and ready, they'll let you buy it.

In the meantime if you're a Sun user and would really like that 30% speed up now, without having to change a single line of SPARC applications software, take a look at Solid state disks. There's always a solution if you look hard enough.

However, Microsoft's recent announcement of the Internet Blueprint for the Microsoft Systems Architecture looks like it's intended to cut off Sun's oxygen supply. Cleverly though, this aggressive move into the Dot-in-dot-com's native territory is unlikely to fall foul of anti-trust lawyers because it's being described as a "partnership" designed architecture, which includes Dell, EMC and other leading companies. My guess is that Sun's lawyers will be looking at this just as closely as Sun's marketing department.

Texas Memory Systems
Texas Memory Systems, Inc., founded in 1978, manufactures the RAM-SAN family of solid state disks for storage networks:- "the World's Fastest Storage".

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