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PLDA, founded in 1996 and with offices in the US and Europe, designs and sells intellectual property (IP) cores and prototyping tools for ASIC and FPGA that accelerate time-to-market for embedded electronic designers.

They specialize in high-speed interface protocols and technologies such as PCIe and Ethernet. Visit them online at

see also:- PLDA's FPGA and ASIC solutions for the storage industry

PLDA entered the Top SSD Companies List for the first time in the Q3 2014 edition.

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What next - after PCIe SSDs everywhere?
Editor:- December 2, 2014 - What next - when PCIe SSDs are already everywhere? You know you need them. But you need more too.

Signs of interesting times ahead in 2015 are revealed in the new edition of the Top SSD Companies - based on market metrics in Q3 2014 - researched and published by

For over 5 years - Fusion-io had occupied the top #1 spot in this list as the SSD company which was most researched by our readers. That was inevitably going to change. And it did. But not in the way you might have expected.

The new #1 SSD company is Diablo Technologies - creator of the Memory Channel Storage platform.

But that's not the only sign of change. It looks like the enterprise SSD market about to begin a new round of disruptive change in server centric SSD architecture. the article

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PLDA enters the PCIe SSD controller market with 6.6 Gb/s NVMe controller
Editor:- June 9, 2014 - PLDA today anounced immediate availability of a new SSD controller aimed at the PCIe SSD market.

PLDA's XpressRICH3 IP is a high performance, low latency, highly-configurable PCI Express 3.0 soft IP supporting endpoint, root port, switch and bridge configurations. The certified design has been engineered for both ASIC/SoC and FPGA implementations.

Editor's comments:- PLDA has written a product description - Conquering the challenges of PCIe with NVMe in order to deliver highly competitive Enterprise PCIe SSDs (pdf) - which contains an overview of the design.
  • power saving features? - PLDA implements L1 PM Sub-states, reducing power consumption without affecting performance.
  • performance? - 270K write IOPS, 12µS write latency write (4KB) using the FPGA-based reference design.
Here are some questions I put to the company.
  • is there a minimum order quantity or cost associated with licensing your IP?

    No minimum quantity.
  • What is your deliverable?

    An Encrypted Source code file that can be downloaded or sent on CD
  • How does a customer evaluate your IP?

    We provide 1 month Free Evaluation IP