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Savage IO

Savage IO designs, manufactures, and sells high-performance storage, networking, and server systems for demanding IO environments. The company was founded in 2010 to build a mechanically flawless hardware architecture without the inherent physical bottlenecks or software incompatibilities plaguing existing storage hardware. Founded by nine-year U.S. Navy veteran Phillip Roberto, , Savage IO is based in Rochester, NY, a region well known for precision manufacturing. Savage IO is proud of its guiding principles: trust, servitude, discipleship, and integrity, which guide all their interactions with customers, partners, and each other, and create a foundation for spiritual, personal and business growth.

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Who's who in SSD? - Savage IO

by Zsolt Kerekes - editor - - July 2015

Savage IO - which recently exited stealth mode - is a supplier of high density rackmount SSDs for embedded applications. The company's products internally use arrays of COTS SATA / SAS SSDs.

In a conversation with Savage IO's cofounder and CEO Phillip Roberto i learned more about the company's technology differences and business plan.

In particular Savage IO 's box is designed to maximize the performance headroom, reliability and serviceability for systems integrators who want to pack the highest density of SAS-like SSDs into their SSDserver / SDS floor-space.

Savage IO achieves this by providing more than the usual number of data lanes and power supply redundency into the fabric of the boxes which have pull out drawers which give hot-swap access to the key elements within. These details iunclude:-
  • more lanes of raw SAS inside the box than any other SDS server and 3 lanes of SAS routed to every SSD module.
  • using high throuput rated data cable - 25Gbps
Savage IO said it's willing to sell systems which are partially populated and which can be upgraded by the customer. But Savage IO said it wants to control the supply of upgrade SSDs - to ensure that quality and compatibility issues are maintained. In order to remain competitive the company said its intention would be to only charge a very small percentage "few percent" handling charge on the raw supply of SSDs.

One way of viewing Savage IO is as part of an emerging trend of customer preference (in some applications segments) to choose white box SSD companies as suppliers of no-frills or narrowly optimized boxes which suit their needs in a market which is heading towards consolidation. This approach can save enormous costs for customers compared to buying systems which come bundled with legacy branding, design inefficiency or other features which are valued in other markets but not in the specifically deployed applications.

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"more lanes of SAS than anyone else"
Editor:- July 28, 2015 - As the rackmount SSD market heads towards future consolidation - new business opportunities are being created for those brave hardware companies which accept the challenge of providing simple hardware platforms (which provide high density or efficiency or performance or other combinations of valued technical features optimized for known use cases) while also being willing to sell them unbundled from expensive frivolous software.

In that category - Savage IO today launched its SavageStor - a 4U server storage box - which - using a COTS array of hot swappable SAS SSDs - can provide upto 288TB flash capacity with 25GB/s peak internal bandwidth with useful RAS features for embedded systems integrators who need high flash density in an untied / open platform.

Savage IO says it "products are intentionally sold software-free, to further eliminate performance drains and costs caused by poor integration, vendor lock-in, rigidly defined management, and unjustifiable licensing schemes."

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Earlier versions of this document only listed the single fastest rackmount SSD in each u-size (1U, 2U etc) - but there were some disadvantages in that method. So instead this now includes a mini list of the most important companies and product lines in this market space which covers a range of different interfaces and architectures.
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