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editor's notes from SSD Market History.

This is an archived page which shows details of the SANaccelerator SSD featured here on in 2002 Q2.

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SANaccelerator from Imperial Technology
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Imperial Technology SANaccelerator™

The SANaccelerator is a high performance storage device made up of solid state memory that is 200 times faster than a disk drive. The SANaccelerator leverages the traditional benefits of Solid State Disk technology from typical single-server, single-application environments to potentially every server and every application in the SAN.

  • Interfaces 1 Gigabyte/sec. or 2 Gigabyte/sec.
  • Data Rate (maximum) 4 Gigabytes/sec. Combined
  • Connectivity 2 Fibre Channel ports
  • Management SAF (local), SNMP, Web Browser
  • Access Time 0.035 milliseconds (35 microseconds)
  • Capacity 6 Gigabytes to 36 Gigabytes
  • Input Voltage 100 to 240V AC Max Power Consumption 200 Watts
  • Reliability & Availability Internal UPS Dual, Standard Internal Disk Backup

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Imperial's popular SANaccelerator can breath new life into switched fabric SAN's in mid- size enterprises with heterogeneous servers. Dual ports allow for redundant switch connectivity and Imperial's SANaccess provides LUN security.

One example is Netflix, where dual 18GB SANaccelerators are switch fabric attached to Sun E4500 servers for high availability. Netflix deployed critical Oracle 8i tables on the SANaccelerators and subsequently realized a 25% improvement in order processing.

"The SANaccelerator has done exactly what Imperial said it would and that's really helped us run our business." Ganesh Raghavan, IT Manager of Systems & Databases

Budgetary pricing starts at $25k

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