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This is an archived page which shows details, below, of various rackmount SSDs from Solid Access Technologies - which were featured here on as they looked in the period 2008 to 2011.

I started talking to the company's founder - Tomas Havrda - about the SSD market in 2003. For several years their rackmount RAM SSDs were among the fastest in the industry and were so competitively priced that they listed their prices online. One of the reasons their pricing was so good was that they had an open server based architecture - similar in concept to what some much later companies like Kaminario did. Solid Access was the first company to market a SSD system which attached by a SAS interface.
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rackmount SSDs (2008 to 2011)

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Solid Access Technologies UNAS 100 Is a very fast 2U rackmount NAS SLC flash SSD - with 2.4TB capacity, 96GB DRAM Cache, 2x 10GbE ports, 300,000 IOPS, 1,000MB/s bandwidth and under 10 microseconds access time.

It includes many enterprise SSD reliability features - and the flash modules are hot swappable and can be mirrored.
Solid Access Technologies USSD 310 Fastest 1U SSD. Up to 130,000 IOPS in a single 1U chassis. 1,500MB/s aggregated bandwidth via 2 FC links.
  • 256GB capacity
  • 8Gbps FC, 6Gbps SAS or SCSI ports
  • latency - under 10 microseconds
Solid Access Technologies USSD 310T 1TB, 4U tower RAM SSD.
Solid Access Technologies USSD 315 Combined AMD Opteron server and 128GB RAM SSD, 1U device, for custom projects.
Solid Access Technologies USSD 320 256GB, 2U RAM SSD for applications where data bandwidth and features such as port mapping are key to multi-server USSD resource leveraging.

4GB/s Aggregated Bandwidth
Solid Access Technologies USSD 200

Universal Solid State Disk, USSD 200, is the performance/price leader for enterprise SSDs. Capacity is upto 128GB in 2U, and access time is under 10 microseconds. Random read/write performance is 98,000 IOPS using a single Fibre Channel link and over 70,000 IOPS using SAS.

Upto 320,000 IOPS in a single 2U chassis. 3,600MB/s aggregated bandwidth via 6 FC links.

Whether you want to conquer your I/O bottleneck problems once and for all, increase your transaction handling capability, extend the useful life and productivity of your legacy system, or go all the way and put your whole database on silicon to run at RAM speed, you owe it to yourself to investigate USSD.

Why? Because USSD guarantees cutting-edge performance at a fraction of the cost of competitive enterprise solid state disks. The USSD disruptive innovation stands alone with its multi-protocol access via 320MB/s SCSI, 4Gb/s Fibre Channel and even 3Gb/s SAS.

USSD prices range from about $12,000 for a 16GB-SCSI 320MB/s unit to $50,000 for a 128GB-FC 4Gb/s or SAS unit.

We invite you to compare the performance and price of our USSD 200 with any storage device on the market today. The performance/price advantage of USSD will astound you.

  • editor's notes:- in September 2008 - Solid Access Technologies announced that SAMSUNG Securities Co., Ltd had ordered 28x USSD 200 devices to accelerate its financial market trading servers - following a 6 months evaluation of alternative RAM SSDs.

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