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StorMagic, founded in May 2006, is a fast-growing provider of cost-effective storage management software solutions that automate and centralize the management of existing storage resources of small and medium organizations. With an executive team of storage veterans from companies such as Adaptec, XIOtech, and Seagate, the company has brought to market an easy-to-use and highly reliable software with superior data management and migration capabilities, helping organizations protect and manage their mission-critical data. StorMagic has offices in Bristol, United Kingdom, and Bloomington, Minn. For more information, please call (800) 517-5282 or visit

  • editor's notes:- StorMagic first came to my attention in September 2007 - when I used the headline "StorMagic Waves Wand for iSCSI".

    StorMagic's co-founder and CEO, Hans O'Sullivan, was the co-founder of 2 other storage success stories: Eurologic and Elipsan, both acquired by Adaptec.

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