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Taejin Infotech

Taejin Infotech was founded in 1992 and is based in Korea. After having overall technology and best business practices in Government Sector, Taejin has grown to be potential solution provider. To expand market, we setup a joint company in China and Japen and start co-business with major leading companies in both countries. Taejin Infotech markets the Jet-Stream brand of solid state disk accelerators, which are available in PCI card and rackmount form factors.

  • Editor's comments:- Sept 2008 - among other things Taejin makes SAN compatible SSDs (JetSApeed family) in a 4U rackmount form factor.
the fastest SSDs
the fastest SSDs
When Cheaperbyte's boss said
"Accelerate your storage!"
he knew just the right way to do it.
the Flash SSD Performance Roadmap
A reader asked me a very good question.

"Is there an industry roadmap for future flash SSD performance?"

That prompted other questions like... How fast are flash SSDs going to be in 2009? or 2012? What are the technology factors which relate to throughput and IOPS? And how much faster will they be than today.

There wasn't a simple answer I could give at the time. Clues lay scattered all across this web site and in my many discussions about the market...

But I agreed there should be a single place on the web where these answers could be found.
Flash storage Forget Moore's Law. That gives you the wrong answer, and this article explains why. the article

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