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Taneja Group

The Taneja Group is formed to provide analyst and consulting services to IT shops in mid-size and large enterprises, technology vendors and VCs targeting storage and server technology areas. The group is founded by Arun Taneja, a seasoned marketing and technology veteran with twenty five years of experience in developing and marketing computer technologies.

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editor's comments:- October 2015 - Taneja Group is in the storage market research business and made its first appearance in the storage news pages here on in 2004.

Taneja has published many reports on traditional magnetic network storage systems and software.

They have also provided product performance validation services for some SSD vendors.

Taneja recently published a 70 page Multi-Client Study on Storage Acceleration and Performance Technologies.

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On a particularly bad SSD data day you may be inclined to ask yourself:-
  • what do I really know about the SSD market?
  • what are my safe assumptions?
  • in the event of major conflicts of opinion, market data and differences of interpretation - who can I trust?
  • how do I decide which way to go from here?
  • and - in extremis...

    Is it time to update my profile on linkedin?
Can you trust SSD market data?