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Tezzaron is a full service turn-key supplier of 3D and 2.5D memory, memory subsystems and memory-intensive SoCs. Tezzaron specializes in 3D wafer and die stacking, TSV processes and wide-ranging collaborations, creating commercial parts as well as custom devices for prototyping and production. For more information, visit

Editor's comments:- Among other things Tezzaron has developed packaging technologies which can deliver high density storage modules - such as DRAM - by stacking chips and indeed complete wafers which interconnect via the company's design of special tungsten contacts.

The company also designs customizable heatsinks which can enable stacked memories to be packed closely while reducing heatspots.

Tezzaron claims to have the most powerful repair architecture in the industry which includes finer-grained repair and redundant circuit elements.

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Tezzaron expects to ship ReRAM SSDs in 2016
Editor:- January 23, 2015 - Tezzaron Semiconductor today announced it will use Rambus's ReRAM technology in forthcoming storage-class 3D memory devices for military, aerospace and commercial applications.

The first of these designs is scheduled for production in 2016.

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