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Founded in 1997 by network storage pioneer Larry Boucher and group of respected storage executives, Alacritech sets new records for the delivery of increasing amounts of enterprise cloud, video and other rich application data. The company's first NFS Acceleration appliance, the ANX 1500, mitigates Network Attached Storage (NAS) sprawl and dramatically improves the performance of NFS infrastructures, and does so without requiring the replacement of existing ecosystems or the surrender of ownership of mission-critical data. The ANX 1500 pays for itself faster than any other storage infrastructure solution and provides by far the lowest cost per operations per second (OPS). The company holds 54 patents and has received $34 million in funding. Alacritech can be found at

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editor's comments:- November 2012 - Alacritech - whose positioning statement is "we invented speed" - competes in the SSD ASAPs market - although they go to great lengths to say that their NAS throughput accelerator (4TB flash and 48GB DRAM) doesn't have the kind of controller bottlenecks that are inherent in competing systems.

But no system meets all needs. You really need to be sure that your problem looks like their solution.
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Alacritech mentions in storage history

When Alacritech launched its TCP/IP and SCSI offload accelerator in 2001 - it was one of nearly 10 companies which had similar high hopes for the iSCSI accelerator market.

In those days it was assumed that the processing overhead would lead to poor performance and that servers would need accelerator cards to provide adequate performance. Nowadays - because of SSD CPU equivalence the most cost effective way to accelerate apps performance is to integrate SSDs.

In January 2011 - Alacritech launched the ANX 1500 ($70,000 base price) - a 2U fat flash SSD ASAP optimized for the NAS market - which the company claims can deliver 120,000 NFS OPS when configured with 48GB of DRAM and up to 4TB flash SSD.

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"The designers of flash tiered systems will say that they literally spent hours analyzing real customer data, getting a sense for access patterns and performance. I don’t know about you, but this strikes me as being very complex. How do we know that they have it right or that the data they’ve profiled matches my world, which may include diverse data and I/O patterns?"
...from:- Alacritech's blog - Tiered Storage Benefits Achieved Non-Disruptively - aka - "We at Alacritech think that it’s possible to achieve the benefits of tiered storage without actually having tiered storage and the associated complexities and costs."
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