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Altec ComputerSysteme

Altec ComputerSysteme GmbH sells an extensive range of PCMCIA PC Card products and Solid State Disks for both industrial and commercial applications. From the development of customer-specified solutions for a wide range of applications through to technical support of turnkey industrial standard hardware and software systems, our engineers are ready to help you in all phases of system integration. In the field of Solid State Disks, we are one of the pioneers in the development of high performance semi-conductor memory technology. Our wide product range extends from Silicon Disks with relatively low memory capacities, through to 1.3", 1.8", 2.5" and 3.5" Solid State Disks with an IDE interface. Our highlight for advanced applications is a high-performance 3.5" DRAM Solid State Disk with SCSI Ultra Fast Wide Interface.

  • editor's comments:- November 2013 - Altec have been in the SSD market for over 13 years. Their own design products - from those days - supported the industrial and embedded markets.

    In recent years Altec has been a the country wide distributor - in Germany - for several industrial SSD manufacturers - for example Cactus Technologies.

Altec mentions in SSD market history

In 1997 - Altec ComputerSysteme marketed a range of SSD modules which converted flash memory cards into parallel SCSI flash SSDs.

In July 2005 - Altec became the exclusive distributor in Germany for the SiliconDrive™ product range from SiliconSystems.

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