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Storage news - 2005, July week 1, news archive

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SiliconSystems Signs Up Europe's Top Distributors

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - July 7, 2005 - SiliconSystems. today announced the significant expansion of the company's sales channel in Europe by signing agreements with 8 of Europe's top electronics distribution companies.

SiliconSystems new distribution partners include altec ComputerSysteme in Germany, CSI in Poland, Miel in France, MIKO Components AB in the Nordic Countries, Peak Development in the UK, Silverstar (a subsidiary of Arrow Electronics, Inc.) in Southern Europe and North Africa, Systronics in Switzerland and TecBIT in Austria, Czech-Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. The agreements establish these companies as authorized distributors of SiliconSystems' complete line of industry-leading SiliconDrive products in their respective countries and regions.

Strengthening the company's sales representation in Europe is part of SiliconSystems' overall strategic plan to expand its reach worldwide. SiliconSystems selected each of its distribution partners based upon their market and technological experience, strong customer relationships in target markets and significant expertise in solid-state storage for the industrial sector.

"Partnering with the top distribution companies is crucial to our strategy in expanding our European presence, and we are proud to have our industry-leading technology represented by distributors of this caliber," said Michael Hajeck, CEO at SiliconSystems.

Sandia Labs Inks Contract with ActionFront

Atlanta, GA - July 7, 2005 - ActionFront Data Recovery Labs has signed a contract with Sandia National Laboratories to provide technical assistance for Sandia's data recovery capabilities.

Sandia's data storage team will gain access to certain aspects of ActionFront's SignalTrace research via this contract.

SignalTrace is a breakthrough technology that can recover data from hard drives that are considered unrecoverable using current state-of-the-art recovery technology. ActionFront has coined the term "drive-independent" to describe their new process that can read digital media without using original drive electronics.

"We are pleased to assist Sandia in their data recovery efforts and needs" says ActionFront President Ron Austin. "We welcome this third party validation of the value of our Research and Development program."

In a related development, ActionFront's SignalTrace Technology will be presented next month to TMRC, (IEEE 16th Annual Magnetic Recording Conference) by Charles Sobey of Channel Science. Mr. Sobey wrote the whitepaper "Recovering Unrecoverable Data - The Need for Drive-Independent Data Recovery", which ActionFront released at the 2004 NASA/IEEE Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies).

Florida Companies Prepare for Hurricane Season

Waltham, MA - July 7, 2005 - XOsoft today announced that several new customers have recently purchased their disaster recovery software in preparation for hurricane season.

New Florida customers include Gabor Insurance Services, a leading liability insurer, Ruden McClosky, one of Florida's largest and most prominent law firms, AutoNation, America's largest automotive retailer of both new and used vehicles on the web, and ABC Fine Wine and Spirits, Florida's largest wine and spirits merchant.

"After the damage we sustained from hurricane Jeanne last year, we decided to open a second office up the coast, "says Reid Bohning, vice president of Gabor. "We also decided that we should create appropriate redundancy in our IT systems, and XOsoft has been a key part of that plan."

Gabor purchased WANSyncHA and installed it on duplicate Microsoft SQL servers in both Miami and 160 miles North at the new facility in Sebastian, FL., with a fiber line running between the two cities to mirror every key stroke and provide duplicate automation if something were to happen to one of the sites.

"Last year's hurricane season devastated many US companies and cost the U.S. an estimated $42 billion, making it the most costly season on record", said Tom O'Connell, President of XOsoft. He continued, "Companies in all industries are now taking measures to protect their companies' data for the 2005 hurricane season; we have seen tremendous interest from the southeast in the past few months".

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane outlook predicts 7 to 9 hurricanes with 3 to 5 of them being predicted as major hurricanes. Since 2004's predictions were below the actual numbers, it's clear why so many companies are preparing for the 2005 season by ensuring that one of their company's most valuable assets, its data, is secure. ...XOsoft profile, Data Recovery Services

FASTORA Debuts Small Backup Appliance

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif.- July 7, 2005 - FASTORA today announced its new all-in-one, portable instant backup and recovery appliances.

The ExBoot EXB-0111 features a 1.8-inch hard drive and the EXB-0121 supports a 2.5-inch disk drive providing instant peace-of-mind for any desktop or notebook user. The ExBoot devices are available today through FASTORA's nationwide channel of retail and online partners starting at $175 for 20 GBs for the EXB-0111 and $165 for 40 GBs for the EXB-0121, progressing in capacity and pricing.

The wallet-sized ExBoot appliances safeguard against the loss of precious, irreplaceable data and files including operating systems, programs, e-mails, MP3s, pictures, and all other data files with the touch of one-button. In the case of hard drive failure, virus infection, or catastrophic system crash, the system can boot directly from the ExBoot via USB. When complete, the PC will operate as normal, restoring the user's familiar working environment.

"Users today are faced with the growing threat of viruses which destroy millions of files, and the reality that at some point, most systems will fail and disk drives will crash. But, our family of highly portable, innovative ExBoot products make it incredibly easy for anyone to protect all of their digital assets," said Kit Chui, FASTORA sales director. "The ExBoot is the perfect backup solution for the masses because of its small size and powerful software, giving users business-class protection, in an affordable and easy-to-use solution."

The ExBoot family is a seamless combination of simple software and a USB 2.0 external hard drive enclosure. It features a one-touch button, which launches the automated backup software. The ExBoot quickly makes a backup of the complete system including operating system components, files, settings, and applications. The ExBoot can be customized to automatically check and synchronize with the PC to ensure files are up-to-date or users can press the button for instant backup at any time. ExBoot will restore the settings and all data to the new drive eliminating the usual complexities and frustrations with typical backup and restore systems. ...Fastora profile, Mobile Storage

Atempo Partners with Storactive

PALO ALTO, Calif. and MARINA DEL REY, Calif. - July 6, 2005 - Atempo Inc. and Storactive Inc. today announced that they have entered into a global partnership to deliver advanced PC client protection to Atempo's customer base.

Under the terms of this agreement, Atempo will resell Storactive's award-winning LiveBackup software through its worldwide distribution channel and to its current 2,300-plus customers. Storactive LiveBackup is a client-server, real-time CDP software which delivers automatic data backup, reliable self-service file recovery and easy disaster recovery for Windows desktops and laptops. LiveBackup offers comprehensive system maintenance tools including System Rollback for rapid point-in-time recovery and bare metal restore for complete system restores from scratch.

"IT cannot rely on users to protect their data on laptops and desktops. Hoping for this is a recipe for disaster, especially with today's strict regulations. For regulatory bodies, data is data, no matter where it resides. If you do not protect it or lose it, you are in violation," said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst at Taneja Group. "Consequently, adding Storactive's LiveBackup product allows Atempo to better serve its customers across the entire enterprise." ...Atempo profile, ...Storactive profile, ...Storactive article:- Protecting Enterprise Data in Real Time

Hard Drives Target the Bedroom

SAN JOSE, Calif. - July 6, 2005 - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is bringing to market the most power-efficient hard drive for the notebook market.

The Hitachi Travelstar 4K120 is also the first 2.5-inch hard drive to provide customers with an option for the AV Streaming Command Set – or Smooth Stream as introduced by Hitachi – which enhances audio/video streaming capability in digital entertainment devices, such as digital video recorders. The combination of these attributes makes Hitachi 's 120GB Travelstar 4K120 the technology leader in the 4200 RPM 2.5-inch hard drive space.

The cooler-running hard drive can be used in a new category of smaller, entry-level DVRs intended for spaces such as bedrooms, where quieter operation is possible as fans are not required for cooling the host device. With hard drives among the top three heat producers in laptop computers (behind the processor and graphics card), the 4K120's significantly lower heat dissipation will reduce the overall heat emission of notebooks for greater lap comfort. The Travelstar 4K120 is now shipping in volume to customers in 40-, 60-, 80-, 100- and 120-GB capacities. ...Hitachi profile, Hard disk drives

Imation Selects Toshiba's 0.85" HDD

IRVINE, Calif. - July 6, 2005 - Toshiba Storage Device Division today announced that Imation has designed Toshiba's 2GB 0.85-inch hard disk drive into the company's new Micro Hard Drive.

With a current capacity of 2GB and 4GB planned for mid-year, Toshiba's 0.85-inch drive delivers enhanced storage to smaller, lighter, more efficient consumer products.

"Imation has built a must-have device with important features that business travelers, students and other consumers will be adding to the top of their holiday gift lists," said Scott Maccabe, vice president and general manager, Toshiba Storage Device Division. "Toshiba's small form factor HDDs make devices like this possible through innovative storage technology that pushes the limits on size and capacity never before seen by the HDD industry." ...Toshiba profile, ...Imation profile

Zycko to Distribute Asigra's Backup Software

Toronto - July 5, 2005 - Asigra today announced that it has signed its newest distributor, Zycko to distribute Asigra's Televaulting software throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Asigra Televaulting eliminates many backup pain points through technology that is designed for enterprise-wide centralization, built from the ground up to perform on a global level. It is tested and certified compatible by leading infrastructure providers not to take the place of data center backup software, but to complement it for multi-site backup and recovery.

"Not only does Asigra provide one of the most impressive backup and recovery software products available today, but they are also committed to supporting the reseller channel," said David Galton-Fenzi, Group Sales Director of Zycko. "This combination will enable us to better serve those companies looking for a high-performance, reliable and scalable remote-office backup platform that eliminates the pain and headache of legacy storage solutions." ...Asigra profile, ...Zycko profile, UK Storage VARs

STORAGEsearch Reader Interests in June

Editor:- July 5, 2005 - StorageTek entered the top 10 company profiles viewed by STORAGEsearch readers in June, for the first time, on news that the company was being acquired by Sun.

The news headline related to this acquisition generated the highest click rate ever for a storage news item. Strong reader interest in the shape of things to come was reconfirmed when the new article by Semico Research - Flash Memory vs. Hard Disk Drives - Which Will Win? - entered the top 10 most popular articles viewed by readers. In June solid state disks regained the #1 slot for the most popular subject. Readership grew by 19% compared to the year ago period, and pageviews increased by 63%. For more information and full rankings see Market research

TimeSpring Attains Gold Certified Partner Status

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - July 5, 2005 - TimeSpring Software Corp today announced it has attained Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner Program with a competency in ISV/Software Solutions, recognizing TimeSpring's expertise and total impact in the technology marketplace.

As a Gold Certified partner, TimeSpring has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and proven ability to meet customers' needs. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners receive a rich set of benefits, including access, training and support, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. ...TimeSpring profile

LeftHand Networks Extends Reach to Europe

BOULDER, Colo.- July 5, 2005 - LeftHand Networks today announced a partnership with Headway Technology Group Ltd., a business division of Europe's premier specialist distributor for storage products, ACAL IT.

Headway will introduce the LeftHand SAN as the company's first iSCSI solution to its network of resellers and systems integrators across Europe. LeftHand is the technology leader in the iSCSI SAN market, with over 2,000 systems installed. ...LeftHand Networks profile, ...Headway Technology Group profile

Computer Storage: a Manager's Guide (Book)

Farnborough, UK - July 4, 2005 - Just days after officially releasing his book - Computer Storage: a Manager's Guide, UK based author Phil Haylor was delighted by the news that his book had been nominated for the prestigious Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award 2005.

This nomination effectively pulls the book into the heart of the business community.

Computer Storage: a Manager's Guide, ISBN 1-4120-5464-8, has been written to fill a substantial gap in the marketplace in terms of straightforward, business-focused literature that supports the fast paced and influential area of computer storage. It is a quality reference guide for today's busy executive and non-executive managers.

When asking the author why he believed Computer Storage: a Manager's Guide was a worthy contender for the FT and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award, he responded by saying: "Within a market flooded by theoretical business manuals and case study books, Computer Storage: a Manager's Guide provides a refreshing change, portraying a clear picture of the real challenges faced by today's small, medium sized and corporate businesses in terms of data storage. This book gets to the crux of what really matters and is presented in a straightforward, practical manner." ...order the book online
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LeftHand Networks Extends Reach to Europe

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M-Systems is a leader and innovator of flash- based data storage products known as flash disks.
Flash Memory vs. Hard Disk Drives - Which Will Win? - article by Semico Research

There's a confusing picture in many consumer products like phones, cameras and music players in which one day it seems that the storage function is done by flash and next day another company announces they're doing the same thing with miniature hard disks.

Is there any sense to this seemingly random choice?

This article uses pricing trends, technology trends and unique market analysis insights to show that users and oems may be able to reliably predict which storage devices will be most cost effective depending where you are on the future history curve. the article, ...Semico Research profile, Hard disk drives, Flash Memory, Market research, Solid state disks
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Tape Not Dead Yet! - Says Cofounder of 20 Year Old Exabyte

n June 2005 , Exabyte Corp marked its 20th anniversary in the tape storage industry, celebrating two decades of tape storage innovation, including a host of industry "firsts" and one of the industry's most significant portfolios of storage-related patents. Exabyte is the world's oldest independent manufacturer of tape storage products.

"This is a particularly exciting time for me, "said Juan Rodriguez, Chairman and Chief Technologist, Exabyte, who co-founded the company in 1985. "When I started my career in the storage industry 40 years ago at IBM, skeptics were telling me then that 'tape is dead,' and I've heard the same claim year after year. Now, here we are in 2005 celebrating Exabyte's 20th anniversary, demonstrating that tape continues to play an integral role in backing up, restoring, and archiving critical business data"

Rodriguez, who also co-founded StorageTek in 1969 commented - "Just ask any Fortune 500 data center manager - they all have tape as part of the mix. With its consistent track record of innovation, tape will remain a critical player far into the future." ...Exabyte profile, Tape backup, storage history

Editor's comment:-
my prognosis for the tape backup market is similar to my concerns about that parrot in BBC's Monty Python series.

...Owner: There, he moved!

Mr. Praline: No, he didn't, that was you hitting the cage! text of the sketch

article:- Does Tape Backup Have a Future? - by Sony

article:- Disk to Disk Backup versus Tape - War or Truce? - by Engenio
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Testing Storage Solutions - article by Extreme Protocol Solutions

In the data storage industry, testing is generally considered a neccessary evil in bringing a product to market and as a result often companies will do the bare minimum neccessary in order to cross the item off its checklist. This article by Roger Gagnon President / CEO Extreme Protocol Solutions attempts to explain why testing is so important to product validation and also to provide a concise methodology to testing. the article, ...Extreme Protocol Solutions profile, Storage Testers
Spyware, Adware & Unaware - article by 8e6 Technologies

No matter how much storage you've got - one thing you don't want on it is any program which has illegally installed itself and is not working in your best interests. Unlike a virus - whose presence is immediately obvious when it stops some part of your computer working - Spyware and Adware are stealthier and harder to notice. This article by Paul Myer, President of 8e6 Technologies, tells us about the level of threat, what these malware programs actually do, and describes what his company is doing to learn more about these parasites so they can be kept out of your storage systems the article, ...8e6 Technologies profile, Storage Security, Hard Disk Sanitizers

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