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Founded in 1944 - Ampex is a leading supplier of high-capacity, high performance digital storage systems capable of functioning in demanding environments on land, at sea or in the air.

  • editor's comments:- March 2011 - among other things Ampex designs a rugged iSCSI SSD for airborne applications.

    The TuffServ 480 provides 2TB of RAID protected hot swappable flash storage in a conduction cooled MIL-STD-810F certified compact package measuring 5.25" H x 7.25" W x 10" D.

    Ampex mentions in SSD market history

    In October 2009 - Ampex announced first shipments of the TuffServ 480 SSD.
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If you see someone carrying a 1U rack in a pack onto a plane - and find out later this box has 136TB of raw flash, which can do 400K IOPS on a SAN at under 1 micro-second latency - even with one power supply down - it may be someone from Skyera.

Size weight and power (swap) savings are some of the consequences of their relentless pursuit of the ultimate efficiency in SSD array design...
the skyHawk FS SSD news - October 2014
hold up capacitors in 2.5" MIL SSDs

do you really need them?
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0 to 3S
Editor:- I've been looking at different aspects of power hold up schemes in mission critical non volatile memory systems for over 30 years.

But every time I revisit this vast topic and compare fresh examples from the market - I learn something a little bit new.

My blog - Zero to three seconds - demonstrates the extreme range of hold up times now in the market inside leading edge 2.5" military flash SSDs. the article

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