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Micross Components

formerly Austin Semiconductor

Micross Components (Austin) has been supplying high-quality, technology solutions to the high reliability marketplace for over twenty years. Being fully QML certified and ISO 9001 / AS9100 registered, Micross Components meets and exceeds the demands of the Military, Aerospace, Transportation, Industrial-Embedded and Medical Diagnostic markets. Current product offerings include I/C components, Multi-Chip Modules and Integrated product solutions to their customers through a broad line of HI-REL Integrated Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits (iPEM), as well as Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) up-screened products. In addition, Micross Components branched into the new markets by launching the Solid State Disk on Chip (SSDoC). Micross Components is progressively changing the landscape availability for integrated components, sub-systems and systems in package for use in Hi-Reliability and harsh environments.

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Austin Semiconductor milestones in SSD market history

  • In September 2007 - Austin Semiconductor announced its Solid State Disk on Chip - a PATA compatible flash SSD in a 1.22" square footprint with upto 16GB capacity.

    In November 2008 - Austin Semiconductor announced a new physically smaller SSD chip for ruggedized embedded applications. Measuring 31mm sq x 7.8mm high it has an embedded IDE, PIO/4 interface, an MTBF of more than 2 million hours and upto 16GB capacity.

    In February 2010 - Austin Semiconductor announced it plans to change its name and (along with some other companies) it will be merged into a new entity and brand to be called Micross Components.
Past products from SSD market history

Austin Semiconductor launched their SSD on chip
in September 2007 and advertised it here on

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