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Colossal Storage

Colossal Storage Corporation wants to be the leading provider of primary backup storage and primary online massive data storage technology for the next millenium.

  • editor's comments:- July 2010 - Colossal Storage 1st appeared on our news pages in August 24, 2000 - and it's possible they may be just as far from having a competitively viable technology today as they were back then - because best of breed storage (magnetic media or semiconductor memory) have been improving every couple of years.

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this way to the Petabyte SSD
In 2016 there will be just 3 types of SSD in the datacenter.

One of them doesn't exist yet - the bulk storage SSD.

It will replace the last remaining strongholds of hard drives in the datacenter due to its unique combination of characteristics, low running costs and operational advantages.
click to read the article -  reaching for the petabyte SSD - not as scary as you may think ... The new model of the datacenter - how we get from here to there - and the technical problems which will need to be solved - are just some of the ideas explored in this visionary article.

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