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COSTA MESA, Calif., August 31, 2000 - Emulex Corporation today announced that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested a suspect in connection with the fictitious Emulex press release issued on August 25.

The negative statements in the fraudulent press release resulted in unprecedented volatility in Emulex's stock, creating large losses for shareholders victimized by this hoax.

"This kind of electronic terrorism cannot be tolerated. We are very gratified by the swift action taken by the FBI, the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)," states Paul Folino, president and CEO. "The matter received immediate and focused attention from both law enforcement agencies and multiple securities' exchanges. The quick results from this cooperative effort demonstrate to others contemplating a similar hoax that the outcome to be expected is immediate apprehension and prosecution." ...Emulex profile

Editor's comment:- our readers won't have seen the hoax press release unless they were looking on other sites. We always make sure there's a direct verifiable source for news stories.

Kentron Triples Size of Headquarters

Wilmington, MA, August 30, 2000 – Kentron Technologies has announced it has tripled the existing size of its headquarters, located at 155 West Street in Wilmington, MA.

With the expansion, the fast-growing provider of advanced computer memory architectures is tripling the size of its staff. The added space will accommodate administrative, sales, marketing, product marketing and engineering functions and allow for an expansion of its in-house research and development laboratory. Founded in 1996, Kentron Technologies specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of high density present and next-generation memory products and architectures to meet the speed and density requirements of high performance systems.

"This is an important step for us and a key move as we continue to strengthen our position as a global player in the advanced memory platform market," said Robert Goodman, CEO of Kentron Technologies. "We continue to develop new products and refine the technologies we have already created. The added lab facilities and the new people we are bringing on board will enable us to build upon that effort." ...Kentron Technologies profile

Adaptec Ships PCI-X and Ultra320 SCSI-Ready ASIC

MILPITAS, Calif., - August 30, 2000 - Adaptec, Inc. announced today that its Crossbow Ultra160 SCSI ASIC (model named AIC-7899W), which incorporates the same pin-out as its forthcoming PCI-X Ultra320 SCSI controller, is now available.

OEMs that incorporate this controller in new server motherboard and PCI RAID adapter designs will avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of redesigning their products to accommodate the upcoming next generation PCI-X and Ultra320 SCSI technologies.

Crossbow's packaging is designed for Ultra320 SCSI signaling which is much more demanding than Ultra160 SCSI. The packaging provides cleaner signals and greater design margins over the previous Ultra160 SCSI ASIC. In addition Crossbow is backwards software compatible and runs with all currently released Adaptec drivers. Thus Crossbow provides the highest performance for current designs as well as a migration path to Ultra320 SCSI.

"The next big transition in RAID controllers will be to PCI-X and Ultra320 SCSI," said Lee Caswell, vice president for the OEM marketing at Adaptec. "Our RAID customers are looking to Adaptec to open the bandwidth floodgate and offer a smooth transition to the next generation step-ups in performance."

The current PCI bus has enough bandwidth for today's dual channel Ultra160 SCSI controllers. However, the forthcoming dual channel Ultra320 SCSI controller will saturate the PCI bus. PCI-X doubles the bus throughput to a full one Gigabyte per second meeting the need for increased bandwidth.

Ultra320 SCSI is the next generation of SCSI, the I/O protocol standard for mainstream direct attached storage requirements. Ultra320 SCSI, due out next year, will transfer data at the rate of 320 MB/sec per channel or 640 MB/sec with dual-channel SCSI controllers. This performance is twice the speed of the current SCSI standard. By offering its Crossbow ASIC now, Adaptec is helping to ensure that OEMs are able to migrate seamlessly to Ultra320 SCSI technology when it becomes available in early 2001. ...Adaptec profile

Dot Hill Names James Lambert as Sole CEO

CARLSBAD, Calif.- August 30, 2000 - Dot Hill Systems Corp. today announced that James Lambert will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Lambert had been Co-Chief Executive Officer of the Company since its formation on August 2, 1999 through the Merger of Artecon, Inc. and Box Hill Systems Corp. Philip Black, who also had been Co-Chief Executive Officer since the Merger, will leave the Company effective at the close of business today and will resign his position on the Board of Directors. ...Dot Hill profile, Storage People

OTG Software Opens European HQ

BETHESDA, Md., August 30, 2000 - OTG Software, Inc. today announced that it has opened its European headquarters near the University Town of Cambridge, UK.

The office is headed by Andrew Graham, OTG's Director, Sales and Marketing International, who joined the company in June 2000. From the new facility, OTG will be able to better support its international expansion and partners across Europe. This new office adds to OTG's existing sales and technical support presence in Germany and Holland. The new facility is located in "Silicon Fen", an area around Cambridge with a concentration of high tech companies.

OTG Software (UK)
Compass House
Vision Park, Chivers Way,
Histon, CB4 9AD
tel:- +44 (0) 1223-257 778.

"The opening of OTG's new European headquarters is the latest milestone in the continuing growth of OTG's international sales," said Richard Kay, Chairman and CEO, OTG Software. "Europe is a growing market for us and the Cambridge office adds to our existing presence there. From this centralized location in an area with a high concentration of technology companies, we can better support our partners and customers across the region." ...OTG Software profile

Online Sales of Mass-Storage Products Declined in Q2

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Aug. 30, 2000 - today announced that data from its participating retail partners shows a 6.5 percent drop in dollar volume for mass-storage products for Q2, along with a 19.8 percent drop in units sold.

Sales in this category have continued to languish in July and August, and similar results are expected for Q3, if current trends continue. The lackluster performance might be attributable to seasonality and supply shortages in the optical component industry. For that reason a smaller percentage of these devices are finding their way to the retail market, resulting in reduced e-commerce sales.

Despite the decline in overall sales for the group, there were some bright spots. Flash RAM drives experienced a 32.6 percent increase in sales, and hard disks were up about 5 percent. These increases are more impressive when compared with the losses found in other sub-categories. The full report (including chart) can be viewed by accessing the link above. profile

Editor's note:- maybe the participating companies aren't advertising on the right storage focused sites, or maybe the products measured were not those which are currently most popular. See our own top #10 list published recently. Some of our own advertisers have reported seeing annual revenue growths approaching triple digits. So in our view the decline is probably only affecting some specific product segments, and not mass storage "as a whole" which is implied by the headline.

Pathlight Delivers Enhanced SAN Scalability

Ithaca, NY. August 29, 2000 - Pathlight Technology today introduced enhanced connectivity and scalability features for its SAN Gateway(tm) and SAN Router(tm) intelligent SAN solutions.

These enhancements greatly extend Pathlight's support for heterogeneous SAN infrastructures that integrate the broadest range of legacy and emerging storage devices and hosts.

Included in the offerings are new Low Voltage Differential (LVD) SCSI I/O Modules for Pathlight's high performance SAN Gateway and SAN Router intelligent SAN devices, as well as Dual Channel LVD and High Voltage Differential (HVD) Ultra 2 SCSI plug-in option cards. All of these new interface options are available immediately to Pathlight's OEM and Enterprise Developer customers.

"Pathlight's products are true 'any-to-any' connectivity solutions that enable interoperability between all combinations of interfaces, storage devices, hosts, operating systems, etc.," said Pathlight Executive Vice President Said Rahmani. "The ability to deliver support for new and legacy SCSI hosts and storage devices is a top issue for most SAN deployments. With the addition of our new LVD SCSI I/O modules and plug-in dual channel option cards, Pathlight is ensuring that OEMs and developers have the greatest flexibility possible for integrating their customers' critical SCSI equipment within a fully managed, high-performance SAN environment. The new modules enable SAN Gateway and SAN Router to deliver direct SAN connectivity for virtually every SCSI device and host in use with complete interoperability between today's full range of leading-edge Fibre Channel-based SAN products."

Both SAN Gateway and SAN Router are highly scalable SAN connectivity devices: SAN Gateway supports up to six Fibre Channel ports and ten SCSI connections; SAN Router supports up to two Fibre Channel and two SCSI connections. Each SCSI port can be individually configured to support Single-Ended , LVD and HVD, Ultra-1 or Ultra-2 with Target or Initiator capability. Each device also simultaneously provides support for any combination of Fibre Channel Copper, Shortwave and Longwave connections, with direct support for loop and Fabric environments. ...Pathlight Technology profile

Quantum|ATL's PRISM shipping

IRVINE, Calif., August 29, 2000 – Quantum|ATL today announced the successful launch of its Prism Storage Options, including a full complement of features that answer the industry's need for cost-effective ways to overcome the limitations of server-attached backup architectures and realize the benefits of network storage.

Prism is a modular architecture featuring hardware and software that is integrated into reliable tape libraries, creating Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances as well as high-availability Storage Area Network (SAN) systems for the data center. Prism architecture expands the spectrum of tape library connectivity and functionality while maintaining full backward compatibility with SCSI. Prism also is a platform for remote network storage management and services that enables corporate IT users to cost-effectively evolve from locally managed storage peripherals, to centrally managed storage systems, to remotely managed storage services. ...Quantum|ATL profile

Merlin Software to Support Solaris, AIX and RedHat

Burnaby, BC, August 28th 2000 - Merlin Software Technologies International Inc. today announced it will provide support for Sun's Solaris operating system, IBM AIX and RedHat SPARC in the upcoming release of PerfectBACKUP+ v7.0.

"PerfectBACKUP+ was originally written for the Unix operating system and ported to Linux in 1996. Prior to that it was sold on as many as eleven variants of the Unix operating system, including Solaris SPARC and Intel and Interactive Unix, when it was sold as Fastback Plus for Unix" said Robert Heller, President of Merlin Software Technologies. "Even though PerfectBACKUP+ for Solaris is still in release 5, we continue to see between 100 and 140 downloads of the product each month. That's roughly 20% of all PerfectBACKUP+ downloads from our site."

PerfectBACKUP+, release 5, is still available directly from the Merlin web site, at , for AT&T SVR4, SCO UnixWare 1.x, 2.x and 7.x, SCO OpenServer 5, Sun Solaris SPARC and Sun Solaris Intel, Sun's Interactive Unix, FreeBSD 2.2, BSDI/OS 2.x and HP-UX 10.x. Beginning with the release of v7.0, Merlin will again be supporting many of the proprietary versions of Unix. Version 7.0 will initially be available for RedHat Linux 6.2, Intel, Caldera OpenDesktop 2.4 and OpenServer 2.3. These will be closely followed by releases for RedHat Linux for SPARC and Alpha processors, Sun's Solaris for SPARC and Intel processors and IBM's AIX version of Unix, as well as all other major Linux distributions. ...Merlin profile

SanDisk on Fortune's Fastest Growing List

SUNNYVALE, CA, Aug. 28, 2000 — SanDisk Corporation has been named to Fortune magazine's prestigious list of the nation's 100 fastest growing companies in its Sept. 4 issue, recognizing SanDisk's outstanding performance over the past three years.

Eli Harari, president and CEO of SanDisk said, "We are tremendously pleased that Fortune magazine has recognized our efforts to place SanDisk at the top of the flash data storage market. The markets that our pioneering storage technology are enabling, such as our CompactFlash cards replacing regular film in digital cameras and our MultiMediaCards replacing tape in MP3 music players, are just now coming into their own, and are projected to show accelerated growth over the next several years. SanDisk is exceptionally well positioned to benefit from this projected growth."

In selecting the list of 100 companies, Fortune editors studied firms that have been in operation in the U.S. for the past three years with revenues and a market capitalization of at least $50 million. The list was then narrowed to those companies with a 30 percent annual growth rate during the three years in both revenue and earnings per share plus positive earnings the latest quarter. Those companies were then ranked by growth in revenue, EPS, and total stock market return over three years. The scores from those three categories were then added up. SanDisk was ranked 34th on the list of 100 top companies. ...SanDisk profile

SANcastle Completes Second Round of Funding

San Jose, California - August 25, 2000 - SANcastle Technologies, Inc. announced today it has completed a $20 million second round of funding.

The round was led by Genesis Partners and the Concord Venture Partner Group, previous investors in SANcastle. They were joined in this funding round by JP Morgan Investments.

"Funding from these top venture capital firms shows great confidence in SANcastle's ability to provide seamless, end-to-end connectivity between storage and network technologies," said Dave Davenport, President and CEO for SANcastle. "SANcastle recognizes the need of storage technology to be available 24/7 through network technology that can maintain performance standards. Customers utilizing SANcastle's integrated switching technology can leverage their existing network infrastructures without reinvesting in new platforms." ...SANcastle Technologies profile

ADIC Introduces World's Largest Capacity Tape Library

REDMOND, WASHINGTON - August 24, 2000 - Advanced Digital Information Corporation announced today that it is has integrated LTO Ultrium technology from IBM into its line of AML storage libraries to create the industry's largest capacity automated tape storage library.

With the new drives installed, ADIC's AML mixed media library family now offers up to 5,180 terabytes (over five petabytes) of native storage and up to 400 drives in a single library. In addition to being a capacity leader, AML libraries with the new LTO technology also set new standards for volumetric efficiency, providing over 6,500GB per square foot of occupied floor space.

"Large scale storage systems managers are continually faced with the problem of rapidly growing demands for data storage within existing infrastructure limits, making the deployment of new-generation storage technology a virtual requirement," said Bill Britts, ADIC executive vice president of Sales and Marketing. "For conventional libraries, however, the only possible technology advance is an upgrade of their existing drives. If another manufacturer makes the next big breakthrough, they can't take advantage of it. "That limitation never applies to an AML library since all of them support most drives. Users can add LTO technology to any existing libraries, allowing users to benefit from new technology without major reinvestment. And since AML libraries support simultaneous operation of LTO and other technologies in the same library, users can use both old and new technology together, making comparison and conversion easy."

Many in the industry view LTO as a viable alternative to the larger and more expensive performance drive technologies traditionally associated with mainframe storage. At 200GB per cartridge capacity and 108 GB throughput per drive, LTO Ultrium delivers the most storage in the smallest space of any tape technology. And its combination of high throughput and small size makes LTO competitive with the premium drive products in aggregated throughput. With space for 400 drives, the ADIC AML/2 can deliver a native sustained throughput rating of 21 terabytes an hour. In the AML/J, the smallest of the mixed media libraries, LTO library options can scale from 320 to 5,000 cartridges and up to 226 drives. In the AML/2, the series largest model, the range is from 3,840 to 51,840 cartridges and 400 drives. In addition to LTO technology, each of the AML libraries is designed with support for nearly 20 additional drive technologies, including 3590, DLT, SuperDLT, Betacam, DTF, and optical storage. For maximum data availability systems, the AML/2 includes the option of a fully redundant robotics system, making it the only tape library in which every piece of media can be accessed by dual robotics. Integration of LTO Ultrium drives into ADIC AML libraries will be available this Fall. ...ADIC profile

Holographic Data Storage Patents

FREMONT, Calif. August 24, 2000 - Colossal Storage has received two new U.S. Patents, # 6,028,835 2/22/00 and # 6,046,973 4/4/00, for an integrated read/write head for ferroelectric optical media.

Colossal Storage is a volume holographic optical mass data storage device research and development company that intends to design, continue to patent, and market its 3D volume holographic optical storage disk drive. The company wants to raise seed capital to investigate the technical issues of designing the worlds first 3D holographic disc storage using its proprietary recording media and heads technology. The company wants to start off first proving recording densities of 200 gbits/sq. in and going up from there.

Colossal's unique patented concept for a semiconductor integrated read/write head techniques will pave the way for 3 D volume hologram optical molecular storage nanotechnology that will be equal to or greater than 16 times 10 to the 64th power molecules per square inch or 200 terabits/sq in. ...Colossal Storage profile

Applied MetaComputing Joins Intel's New Peer-to-Peer Working Group

Intel Developer Forum, San Jose, Calif., August 24, 2000: Applied MetaComputing, today announced that it has officially joined Intel's new Peer-to-Peer Working Group as a Charter Member. The Working Group will analyze the issues surrounding the deployment of peer-to-peer computing, including security, storage management and interoperability. The group's charter is to foster standards, create the necessary infrastructure and develop applications that will help implement this technology.

"We are very excited to be part of the Peer-to-Peer Working Group," says Andrew Grimshaw, Founder and President of Applied MetaComputing. "The future of computing lies in distributed object systems which leverage the power of Peer-to-Peer computing relationships. Such technologies enable secure collaboration within and between enterprises in ways never before possible. They also enable increased access to, and utilization of, processing power and storage capacity in distributed, wide area, networked environments. The Peer-to-Peer Working Group will truly help launch us into the next era of computing."

Applied Meta's robust computing platform, known as Legion, has been deployed since 1997 enabling peer-to-peer and distributed computing applications in a wide range of areas. With a diverse user base ranging from NASA and the Department of Defense to Fortune 500 companies and universities around the world, Applied MetaComputing has broken new ground in many demanding areas such as Bioinformatics, Aerospace, Materials Science, Information Retrieval, and Graphics Rendering. ...Applied MetaComputing profile

Ampex Provides NAS for Content Management

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Aug. 24, 2000- Ampex Data Systems Corp Thursday announced that it is providing the USA Cable Network with 400 terabytes of network-attached video file storage for the cable channel's new digital content management facility.

The new centralized facility, which will initially serve content for both the USA Network and SCI FI Channel, is designed to replace traditional control rooms and analog tape machines with a multi-tier automated computer network optimized for storing, managing, and delivering broadcast content in completely digital format. Conversion to digital server technology will allow USA Cable to store and stage content more efficiently and more automatically than traditional video robotic systems. It also provides scalability, allowing for easy expansion to support additional broadcast projects. The Ampex video archive system will store the 400TB worth of video on 150GB DST cartridges representing the equivalent of tens of thousands of hours of content. John Hennessy, Ampex Data System's director of video and broadcast marketing, noted,

"You need a true archive drive to protect your valuable media assets, and it's apparent that USA selected DST drives for their robustness and because they are field proven. In addition, since DST drives are designed to operate under 100% duty cycle, they can withstand the constant loading and unloading dictated by schedules required to support major cable channels such as USA Networks."

Hennessy also explained that the Ampex air-lubricated tape guiding mechanism provides gentle tape handling to ensure many years of error free archiving and restoring. "Our customers tell us they have great confidence that what is archived today will easily restore in the future," he added.

Perhaps most important, Hennessy said, was the fact that USA Networks is a beneficiary of the many of hours of testing and fine tuning that Ampex, Avalon and Grass Valley performed in their labs on Grass Valley Group's new Profile network-attached archive application. The network-attached archive provides any Profile video server access to any DST drive within the archive. ...Ampex Data Systems profile

Auspex Appoints New President

Santa Clara, Calif. August 23rd, 2000 – Auspex Systems, Inc. has appointed EMC Corporation executive Michael S. Worhach as its president and elected Richard E. Chapman, senior vice president at Vencor, Inc., to its board of directors.

Worhach, with over 25 years of computer system industry experience, moves to Auspex from division vice president at Data General, Westborough, Mass., a division of EMC, one of Auspex Systems' key competitors. Chapman, as chief information officer with healthcare services provider Vencor, Louisville, KY, has achieved national recognition in the information systems field.

"Joining Auspex is exciting," said Worhach. "The company pioneered Network Attached Storage (NAS) and they know it better than anyone. NAS sector growth is exceptional and it's a great opportunity working with an experienced, aggressive turnaround team. "The Auspex product line is solid and enterprise ready. My top priority is to immediately establish a talented sales and marketing team that will leverage our opportunities in this explosive marketplace."

Worhach has been a vice president with Data General since 1993. Previously he was employed by Unisys Corporation where he held a variety of increasingly responsible management positions in sales and marketing, including division president. He holds an MBA from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a BS from Kings College, Pennsylvania....Auspex Systems profile

1st SATA Hard Drive Unveiled at IDF

Intel Developer Forum Conference, San Jose , CA - August 22, 2000 - Seagate Technology, APT Technologies, Inc. and Vitesse Semiconductor Corp today unveiled the first Serial ATA disc drive, giving a glimpse into the future of ATA disc drive technology.

The drive is natively attached to an Intel Pentium 4 processor system through an APT Serial ATA PCI Host Bus Adapter, featuring a 1.5 Gbps transfer rate. The prototype demonstration combines technologies from Seagate, APT, Intel Corporation and Vitesse. It features a Seagate disc drive with its Serial ATA board, using APT's Serial ATA Link and Transport layers logic and Vitesse's 1.5 Gbs CMOS transceiver, attached via Serial ATA to APT's Serial ATA to PCI host bus adapter. Additionally, to demonstrate the applicability of Serial ATA to ATAPI devices, APT also unveiled a Delta Micro 12x DVD ROM running on the same Serial ATA PCI host adapter.

This new technology will allow for platform cost reductions and performance improvements while supporting a seamless transition from Parallel ATA technology. Serial ATA will supply storage interface headroom for many generations to come, beginning with 1.5 Gbps, scalable to 2x, 4x and beyond.

"Seagate is proud to demonstrate at this early stage that Serial ATA technology will soon be ready for implementation, and that the industry's technology leaders are working together to make it happen," said Tom Porter, Seagate executive vice president and chief technical officer. "There are many hardware and software engineers who attend the Forum to set their blueprint plans for the coming year and we're happy to provide them the first glimpse into the Serial ATA future."

"Vitesse is pleased to demonstrate Serial ATA Physical Layer solutions with early adopters of this exciting new technology," said Bob Rumer, vice president of the SAN Products Group at Vitesse Semiconductor. "By combining expertise from APT Technologies, Intel, Seagate and Vitesse we will be able to provide the industry's first complete Serial ATA IC solutions."

"The development of this prototype is key to illustrating that the industry is on track to deliver Serial ATA. We have also demonstrated widespread O/S compatibility running the setup under Windows* 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux* and Solaris* 8 with both ATA and ATAPI devices," said Jim Rubino, president and CEO of APT Technologies. "Our ability to demonstrate the viability of Serial ATA technology on both ATA and ATAPI devices is another step toward ensuring a smooth transition from parallel ATA/100 to Serial ATA" Seagate, APT, Intel and Vitesse are among the members of the Serial ATA Working Group developing the Serial ATA storage interface specification for the next-generation computing platform. This interface is used to connect storage devices, such as hard discs, DVDs and CD-R/Ws, to the motherboard and is the replacement for today's Parallel ATA physical storage interface. Serial ATA is compatible with existing ATA software drivers and will run standard operating systems without modification. ...APT Technologies profile, ...Seagate profile, ...Vitesse profile

Editor's note:- see also - STORAGE Industry trade associations

Amdahl Software Enables Data Migration

SUNNYVALE, Calif., August 22, 2000 – Amdahl Corporation today announced the successful completion of a major data migration service for Acxiom‚ Corporation and one of its largest outsourcing clients, while both companies ran business operations as usual.

Using TDMF data management software and Amdahl Professional Services, Acxiom was able to move 1,764 volumes and 7.5 TB of data in five days of continuous transmission, with only a brief outage for system cutover, finishing ahead of schedule.

According to Ron Byczynski, Group Leader for Business Integration with Acxiom's Outsourcing Division, "We have used TDMF with other clients and had great success before. However, this particular migration required surgical precision to maintain high availability. The Amdahl Services team did a flawless job with a comprehensive project plan that was audited, validated and meticulously managed. Our client is delighted with the results. Amdahl helped us deliver excellent results for our customer and made us look good in the process."

TDMF is a software tool for fast, non-disruptive S/390 data migration and point-time copy. TDMF is a completely transparent, vendor-independent and model-independent data migration utility. ...Amdahl profile

Intraserver/LSI Logic Fibre Channel Host Adapters

August 2000 - IntraServer Technology, reaping the benefits from its acquisition by LSI Logic Corporation, will soon be offering PCI Fibre Channel Host Adapter Boards.

These single-channel and dual-channel products provide easy migration to next-generation I/O technologies with solutions for Storage Area Networks.

Single Channel Fibre Solution -- SYM40909 The SYM40909 is a high-performance, cost-effective host adapter solution for today's Fibre Channel market. The SYM40909 supports server, RAID and workstation environments with both optical and economical copper interface. Connects directly to a 64-bit/66 MHz PCI bus Delivers full-duplex data speed approaching 200 MBps Supports up to 126 devices on a loop and greater than 2000 devices through switch connect.

Dual Channel Fibre Solution -- SYM44929LO/LH The SYM44929 provides twice the I/O performance of its predecessors while conserving PCI slots. The SYM44929 offers increased connectivity through two independent Fibre Channel connections. The SYM44929 is offered in two dual-channel variations: the SYM44929LO for both long-wave and short-wave optical connections and the SYM44929LH for economical copper interface. SYM44929LO/LH Features: Connects directly to a 64-bit/66 MHz PCI bus Backward compatible with 32-bit/33 MHz buses Fits in 1U and 2U servers, saves PCI slots.

IntraServer Fibre Channel Availability SYM40909 will be available at the end of September 2000 SYM44929LO/LH will be available January 2001 ...IntraServer Technology profile

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