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DiskEng Advanced Data recovery Services, provide data recovery from all types of storage media. From single hard disk laptop, desktops and multiple disk Raid Systems to Tape backup and all types of portable storage media. DiskEng is the UK recognised data recovery service provider registered with headquarters located at the Oxford Science Park in Oxford.

The company has evolved through years of combined experience in data recovery and disk technology and with years of investment injected into keeping ahead of the competition DiskEng has developed in house prorietery data recovery techniques involving both unique hardware and software capabilities.

  • editor's comments:- December 2010 - Before becoming really famous for being the locale of the tv detective - Morse - I already knew Oxford as the home of one of my favorite bookshops. (It's one of the few cities in the UK I can locate - despite my lack of a geography gene.)

    A handful of storage companies have also been briefly located in Oxford as you can see from these past editorial links.

    It's a nice place to visit and walk about in - as long as you can find somewhere to dump your car beforehand.
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Megabyte was running the initialization
process for the SSD SoC's SDK.
Can you believe "reliability" in an SSD ad?
Editor:- Reliability is an important factor in many applications which use SSDs.... but can you trust an SSD brand just because it claims to be reliable?

As we've seen in recent years - in the rush for the SSD market bubble - many design teams which previously had little or no experience of SSDs were tasked with designing such products - and the result has been successive waves of flaky SSDs and SSDs whose specifications couldn't be relied on to remain stable and in many products quickly degraded in customer sites.
storage reliability branding article As part of an education series for SSD product marketers - this case study describes how one company - which didn't have the conventional background to start off with - managed to equate their brand of SSD with reliability in the minds of designers in the embedded systems market. the article

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