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DV Nation

DV Nation, founded in 1996, has been distributing SSDs in the USA since 2006.

As newer, faster, and better brands emerged, we have enacted agreements to sell top brands including MTRON, Memoright, and Samsung. And we are also the authorized distributor for the Platinum HDD (the fastest hybrid hard drive) from DTS.

The DV Nation website is a community for SSD enthusiasts. It includes a forums section dedicated to nothing but SSDs - as well as a wealth of information including FAQs and even benchmarks!

We will stay on the SSD forefront, providing these and other important solutions as they emerge. Our customers include EVERYONE: Enthusiasts, server admins, Fortune 500 companies, defense contractors, universities, anyone and everyone. We have SSDs for every need.

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  • editor's comments:- DV Nation became the first US reseller to market SSDs online aimed at consumers and SMBs in August 2006. This is an archived copy of their SSD page from that time.

    In June 2008 they became an official distributor for RAM SSD hybrid drives from DTS.

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"In August 2006 - DV Nation became the first US reseller to market SSDs online aimed at consumers and SMBs."
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