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G-Technology, a Fabrik company, manufactures the industry's most comprehensive line of external storage solutions designed for professional content creation applications. The company's USB, FireWire, eSATA, SCSI and Fibre Channel systems support all levels of audio/video production. G-Technology's focus on technology, quality and design has resulted in storage solutions with unmatched performance, reliability and style.

  • editor's comments:- in January 2009 - G-Tech launched the G-RAID mini SSD - a desktop RAID system for the Mac market - with internal 2.5" SSDs and eSATA, FireWire and USB interfaces.

    In February 2009 - Hitachi GST announced it is acquiring Fabrik, the parent company of G-Technology
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Michelangelo found David inside a rock.
Megabyte was looking for a solid state disk.
SSD Data Recovery Concepts
It's hard enough understanding the design of any single SSD. And there are so many different designs in the market.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like at the other end of the SSD supply chain - when a user has a damaged SSD which contains priceless data with no usable backup?
broken barrel image - click to read this data recovery article If so - this article - written by Jeremy Brock, President, A+ Perfect Computers - who is one of a rare new breed of SSD recovery experts will give you some idea. read the article

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