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iSuppli Corporation is the global leader in technology value chain research and advisory services. iSuppli provides market intelligence services for the EMS, OEM and supplier communities in addition to servicing consumer electronics and media concerns. Services afforded by iSuppli range from electronic component research to device-specific application market forecasts, from teardown analysis to consumer electronics and from display device and systems research to multimedia content and services. More information is available at

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editor's comments:- February 2013 - iSuppli is one of many companies in the SSD clairvoyancy market.

But sometimes the reality happens even faster than the visions promised.

For example - in March 2011 - iSuppli announced SSD revenue in 2011 is projected to hit $4.4 billion, up 91% from $2.3 billion in 2010. By 2014, iSuppli said (at the time) it expected SSD revenue to reach $7.2 billion.

It got to that figure 2 years earlier - according to another report from iSuppli in October 2012 - see box right.

For alternative past, present and projected views about the SSD market take a look at our SSD analysts directory.
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2012 SSD market will be $7.5 billion - says iSuppli
Editor:- October 11, 2012 - iSuppli today announced its projections indicate that the SSD industry will finish 2012 with $7.5 billion in revenue and 41 million units in shipments.
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