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Spellabyte's software factory
Spellabyte remembered the good old days
when you could fit an entire operating
system onto paper tape.
Solaris Training
SPARC History
Marketing Views
Solaris Migration
the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide
Operating Systems for SPARC servers
the Survivor's Guide to Enterprise SSDs
Remember Xenix? - No Not the Warrior Princess
Linux Resources?

Editor:- in the 1990s as editor of the SPARC Product Directory I was interested in analyzing how Linux was impacting the SPARC Solaris market.

Since 1998 and the launch of my interests have switched to the storage market - in which Linux is just part of the background environment - instead of the main discussion topic.

The table on the right dates from the early 2000s - and may not be not at all accurate today.

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There are hundreds of articles about SSDs on
Here, below, are some examples.

how fast can your SSD run backwards? - 11 key symmetries

Where are we now with SSD software? - (And how did we get into this mess?)

the new SSD efficiency - making the same (functional) SSD - but with a lot less chips

adaptive R/W flash care management IP (including DSP ECC) for SSDs - what is it? and who does it?

memory channel storage SSDs -what are the technical challenges? How will these new SSDs affect the PCIe SSD market?

the Survivor's Guide to Enterprise SSDs - a list of do's and don'ts

Surviving SSD sudden power loss - the power management system is one of the most important parts of the SSD which governs reliability.

the guide to SSD guides - includes summary of everything important that's happened in the SSD market in the past year - and has a top level list of SSD articles themed by markets, interfaces and form factors

what do enterprise SSD users want? - and why aren't vendors asking.

The big market impact of SSD dark matter - some of the very biggest direct customer opportunities for SSDs aren't the big name computer and storage oems.

Can you tell me the best way to SSD Street? - I'm like the Old Woman of the SSD Village who talks to everyone that passes through.

comparing the SSD market today to earlier tech disruptions - applying a sense of perspective to what's happening now with SSDs
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