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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - November 20, 2001 - BakBone Software™ announced today the release of a new NetVault™ Application Plugin Module™ (APM) for MySQL™ v4.0 databases. Available on Linux and Windows NT platforms, the MySQL APM provides NetVault customers with a high performance, reliable and easy to use hot backup and recovery solution for protecting corporate data.

``The new MySQL APM is the latest addition to NetVault's comprehensive line of add-on modules and is the first product on the market to provide fast, online backup of MySQL databases,'' said Cali Viviano, Product Manager, BakBone Software. ``This release represents an extension of NetVault's ongoing commitment to provide application-specific support to the Linux community. NetVault offers hot application backup for more applications running on Linux that any other storage management software manufacturer.''

The APM is a full-featured solution that includes superior device management and dynamic drive sharing capabilities for distributing data and maximizing resource utilization while increasing performance. Seamless precision integration with the native backup API allows NetVault to present a common, easy to use GUI for all file system and application specific operations.

BakBone's complete line of NetVault APMs ensure continuous availability of data by providing fast online backup and recovery for the widest range of business-critical applications including DB2, Informix, Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, MS SQL, NDMP, Oracle, SAP, and business critical functions like disaster recovery and open file management. NetVault's modular architecture sets new standards in application backup support with simple point and click installation and seamless integration with application software. Local and remote client software installations and automatic client backup and restores are easily administered across the NetVault domain or enterprise, all from one centralized management console.

The MySQL APM is available now on Linux and Windows NT platforms for $995. BakBone will continue to port to other platforms as the market demands. ...BakBone Software profile

Editor's notes:- "MySQL is the most popular open source database server in the world with more than 2 million installations powering websites, datawarehouses, business applications, logging systems and more. Customers such as Yahoo! Finance,, Motorola, NASA, Silicon Graphics, and Texas Instruments use the MySQL server in mission-critical applications." - source - ...MySQL

ST. CHARLES, MO - November 20, 2001 – Quilogy, a national leader in emerging technology and digital consulting, and XIOtech Corporation today announced a strategic partnership to build SANs on Microsoft platforms including the latest .Net servers. Quilogy enjoys a close working partnership with Microsoft that allows them early access to emerging technologies and opportunities to deploy those technologies in the middle-market companies that Quilogy serves.

"This partnership increases our ability to provide the complete range of digital solutions our clients require," said Randy Schilling, President and CEO of Quilogy. "There's an inherent responsibility behind the development of any corporate portal, Intranet or Extranet to ensure data is uninterrupted and preserved in the event of a partial or full system failure. XIOtech's unique storage virtualization technology allows us to deliver on that promise, in a cost-effective manner, for the Fortune 2000 companies we serve."

St. Louis-based Quilogy is established in U.S. middle markets as a preferred provider of digital consulting, advanced hosting and technical education. They have developed unique solutions such as the Quilogy Accelerator to jumpstart the development of corporate portals built on Microsoft's .NET platform. These portal solutions and Intranets have rapidly advanced the capabilities of organizations like hospitals and government offices to coordinate and manage high volumes of data with maximum efficiency. Services are provided nationwide through their 16 field offices. Quilogy also plans to develop technical education training for IT professionals administering XIOtech products as part of its educational offerings. ...Quilogy profile, ...XIOtech profile

SUNNYVALE, CA - November 20, 2001 - Oak Technology, Inc. today announced that Mitsumi's new 24X CD-R/RW drive, one of the first to achieve 12X CD-ReWriting speeds, is based on Oak's optical storage controller technology. Mitsumi's drive is targeted for both the retail market and for line fit applications with PC OEMs.

Mitsumi's CR-4809TE IDE CD-R/RW optical recorder features 24X CD-R write speeds, 12X CD-RW rewriting, a 2 megabyte buffer, and Oak's ExacLink™ buffer underrun technology. The drive is designed around Oak's OTI-9797 controller, a highly integrated device that combines industry-leading performance and advanced features in a cost-effective single-chip solution suitable for high-volume manufacturing.

"Our 24X CR-4809TE is designed to offer a combination of high speed, reliability and consistently successful results in a cost-effective drive that meets the needs of end users as well as PC OEMs," said Tadao Kazuno, general manager, ODS Division, Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd. "Oak's programmable controller with its ExacLink buffer underrun technology and industry-leading speeds provided the advanced capabilities we needed in a highly integrated, single-chip controller that helps keep manufacturing costs in line."

"Affordability, faster write speeds and techniques such as ExacLink buffer underrun protection that ensure success burning on the first try are driving widespread acceptance of CD-RW drives," said Nicos Syrimis, Vice President, Marketing, for Oak's Optical Storage Group. "Mitsumi's innovative approach combining ExacLink buffer underrun protection with the industry's largest buffer and fastest rewrite speeds to date have been identified in early reviews as factors likely to make it a popular choice." ...Mitsumi profile, ...Oak Technology profile

ANAHEIM, CA - November 19, 2001 - MTI Technology Corp. has appointed Kent D. Smith to its board of directors, announced Board Chairman Raymond J. Noorda. Smith was recently chief operating officer of Legato Systems where he was responsible for worldwide sales, marketing, support, professional services, development and product management.

"Kent brings to our board a wealth of experience in the enterprise storage market that our company serves," said Thomas P. Raimondi, MTI's vice chairman, president and CEO. "As we move forward, his input will be an invaluable asset."

Kent Smith added, "I'm excited about the MTI opportunity, the company is well positioned to take advantage of the exciting high growth storage market." ...Legato Systems profile, ...MTI Technology profile

Hopkinton, Mass.- November 19, 2001 - EMC Corporation today unveiled significant enhancements to its PowerPath software. EMC PowerPath now includes an industry-first feature: full end-to-end automated path fail-over for networked storage environments. PowerPath now delivers high performance, "SAN aware" automated path fail-over extending from the server, through the network switch to the storage system. PowerPath's latest enhancements enable the server to continue processing I/O requests to an alternate Fibre Channel adapter on the EMC Symmetrix Enterprise storage system in the event of path failure.

In addition, PowerPath now supports Novell NetWare 5.0 (SP6a), 5.1 (SP2) and Novell Cluster Services 1.1, complementing existing support for Windows NT/2000, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and Compaq Tru64.

EMC PowerPath software enhances storage network performance and information availability. Since its introduction in 1997, PowerPath has led the industry with its multiple path I/O capabilities, automatic load balancing and path fail-over functions in one comprehensive package. PowerPath prevents costly and time-consuming outages, enabling the IT administrator to serve more customers, run more applications and pursue more business opportunities. EMC has sold more than 38,000 PowerPath licenses worldwide. ...EMC profile

Editor's correction:- another SAN company, Dot Hill, contacted me to dispute EMC's claim to an industry first in this release.

"Just to set the record straight EMC's claim in yesterday's news release that its PowerPath software includes an industry-first feature: full end-to-end automated path fail-over for networked storage environments is more than two years too late to be accurate. Back in September of 1999, Dot Hill introduced SANpath storage networking software with support for fully redundant I/O paths throughout a SAN and automatic transparent failover. SANpath supports up to 32 data paths per server and includes a load-balancing feature that equally distributes the I/O workload among data paths between servers and SANnet® storage systems. In addition, it provides LUN masking and secure LUN assignment. At Dot Hill we're flattered that EMC thinks enough of our SAN software technology innovations to include the same feature set as SANpath for inclusion in its own software. But let's be honest, EMC, and give credit where credit is due for achieving SAN industry firsts." ...Dot Hill profile

Editor again... Also earlier this month, leading Sun compatible fibre-channel adapter card company Antares Microsystems, announced automatic failover on its 2 port cards implemented by a new driver without switch intervention. ...Antares Microsystems profile

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - November 19, 2001 - Overland Data, Inc. today announced the opening of its Singapore location, which will serve as Overland's Asia Pacific center of operations. The decision to open the Singapore Rep office comes on the heels of better than expected earnings for Q1 2002, in which Overland beat original estimates by more than $.03/share.

International markets currently account for 40% of Overland's revenue; the mid-range tape market, of which Overland occupies more than 40%, is growing at an annual rate of 30% per year in the Asia-Pacific region. Overland has appointed Philippe Cazaubon, currently the Asia Pacific sales manager, to head up the Asia office. For the past two years, Cazaubon has managed the Asia Pacific region from Overland's headquarters in San Diego. Cazaubon has over 10 years of international business experience in the wireless and computer industries.

"This is a real testament to the continuing, worldwide demand for Overland's scalable products," said Cazaubon. "While other vendors are busy closing offices and laying off workers, Overland continues to win new customers and increase its International market share. I'm very excited to be a part of Overland's burgeoning growth in the Pacific Rim." ...Overland Data profile

Baughurst, UK, November 19, 2001 - ACSL, publisher of and the SPARC Product Directory today announced the launch of a new web publication, called MarketingViews aimed at marketers in IT companies in the US and UK.
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Guest Nibble

Sony and MKE Promise Half-Terabyte Drive by End of 2002

from Jean-Jacques Maleval Editor of StorageNewsletter

We had an early taste of the news (StorageNewsletter April 2001) and were even lucky enough to see this extraordinary machine, Sony's S-AIT, at the last CeBIT. Of course, it was only a non- functional prototype, but the tape routing was operational, and the helical head spun. At the time, Sony's people mentioned some extremely impressive specs: one terabyte native capacity with a 60MB/s transfer rate. Since then, unfortunately, the company has revised its claims, dividing those figures in two. Even 500/30 is nothing to sneeze at, however, and the product is still promised for the end of 2002. Its price should land somewhere around $10,000 for the drive, $200-$250 for the cartridge.

No other tape company has a roadmap that will allow it to attain such specs next year. LTO may hit 200/30, with Quantum's SDLT at 160/16 and Exabyte's M3 at 120/18. All, with the exception of Sony, will fall under the HDD mark, where the highest capacities should easily exceed 300GB by the end of 2002. The only other product that comes close will be Tandberg's O-MaSS, at 600/64, not expected before 4Q03. In terms of technology, Sony uses its AIT helical scan base, adapted not to a small 8mm cartridge with two axes, but to a cartridge with a single axis housing 600m of half-inch tape (compared to 203m and 8mm for AIT-3), in a cartridge similar to LTO. AIT-3 and S-AIT share the same areal density: 720Mb per square inch. Both are equipped with the same R-MIC, a flash memory that keeps tabs on cartridge data and the files written to tape, to accelerate access. Of course, the two products will be incompatible.

The AIT drive conformed to a 3.5-inch form factor, while S-AIT will be housed in an extended 5.25-inch full-height volume, which is 30cm long or a few more centimeters longer than DLT or LTO drives, according to Tadashi Ozue, Sony's chief research scientist. "This is not an issue for library vendors since they have time to design in the drive and have enough space," noted Mark Lufkin, Sony's GM of storage solutions marketing. The device will incorporate an automatic head cleaning system and "an effective leader block tape threading system with a simplified tape load path."

As for the new technology's roadmap, it should roughly adhere to that of AIT. This means an S-AIT 2 will follow, at 1000/40, based on AIT-4 recording technology which is supposed to be 100/24 in 2003. Sony is eager to point out "the potential to scale up to 4TB of uncompressed capacity in a single cartridge" with the use of MR and GMR heads.

We were not the only ones who were impressed by Sony's project. A second manufacturing source agreement has already been concluded. Beginning in 2003, two subsidiaries of the Matsushita group, MKE and MEI, will respectively make the drive and the media, compared to current AIT drives, which are produced solely by Sony. As Lufkin puts it, "We learnt the hard way about the need for multiple sources." Three library manufacturers, Adic, Qualstar and Spectra Logic are the first to express their intention to integrate the S-AIT into their automation products.

This announcement also reignites the old debate between longitudinal (DLT, LTO) and helical scan (AIT, Mammoth) technologies. More importantly, it raises questions about Sony's strategy vis-a-vis computer tape drives. AIT will no doubt maintain its current course, based on its smaller form-factor and its superior access times, even if the size of the cartridge limits capacity. S-AIT, however, will clearly take on the costly DTF, currently at 200/2 4 in its DTF-2 version, and only (!) anticipated at 400/48 in its next generation.

S-AIT main specs

  • Capacity 500GB native, 1.3TB compressed
  • Transfer rate 30MB/s native, 78MB/s compressed
  • Areal density 720Mb per square inch
  • Form factor 5.25-inch full-height (extended)
  • Interface Ultra 160 and FC
  • Media 600m AME, half-inch width, one reel, R-MIC
  • Heads Hypermetal, Super laminated
  • MCBF 50,000 hours
  • Drive's price $10,000
  • Cartridge price $200 to $250
  • Manufacturers Sony and Matsushita
  • Availability end of 2002
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MarketingViews will contain directories of useful marketing resources and articles aimed to help marketers become more effective at all aspects of electronic marketing. ...ACSL profile MarketingViews
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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - November 16, 2001 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that StorageTek has entered into a agreement to resell FalconStor's flagship product, IPStor™, in Australia and New Zealand. The two companies jointly tested and cross-certified StorageTek's 9176 Disk Subsystem and FalconStor's IPStor software. StorageTek's 9176 disc storage system brings high performance and SAN-ready features for customers to reap the benefits of open, hassle-free SAN environments. IPStor provides a storage networking software infrastructure that enables companies to utilize storage efficiently, execute backup quickly, expand capacity smoothly, and significantly reduce total storage management costs. Combining these two solutions provides customers with centralized storage, disk pooling, high availability, seamless scalability and performance.

"Our customers use StorageTek solutions for business-critical applications where systems need to stay running reliably in 24 x 7 x forever environments," said Phil Belcher, managing director, StorageTek Australia/ New Zealand. "Automated information storage, where organizations can set high-level IT policies to automatically eliminate the 'out of space' problem is addressed by FalconStor's IPStor. Our aim is to help customers do more with less, driving their costs down while maximizing ROI."

IPStor, a storage networking software infrastructure, enables corporate IT to contain storage management costs and increase storage efficiency by aggregating, virtualizing and provisioning storage services over the network with high performance, security, scalability and availability. The IPStor server runs on off-the-shelf hardware under Linux or Solaris. It supports industry standard protocols such as SCSI, IP, iSCSI, Fibre Channel and SNMP to facilitate rapid deployment and seamless integration with the existing storage equipment and 3rd party management software throughout the enterprise. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...StorageTek profile

Bothell, WA and Northborough, MA - November 15, 2001 – Vixel Corporation and TD Systems today announced the certification of Vixel's Fibre Channel Fabric switches with TD Systems' OmniServe multi-protocol bridge router. Used in tandem, the two companies' products can enable end-users to smoothly transition between SCSI and Fibre Channel storage environments, leveraging their existing storage investments and offering them a variety of migration options.

"TD Systems has done an excellent job of taking their SCSI expertise and expanding upon it to help users combine two key storage technologies that have traditionally been thought of as mutually exclusive," says Beth White, vice president of marketing at Vixel Corporation. "Both Fibre Channel and SCSI have sizeable embedded customer bases. The certification of our Fibre Channel Fabric switches with the OmniServe multi-protocol bridge/router enables us to offer customers a broader and more cost effective approach to integrating SCSI and Fibre Channel storage networks without facing a forklift upgrade."

"With full certification between Vixel and TD Systems' products, we are giving customers the foundation and capability to build heterogeneous operation between Fibre Channel and SCSI-based storage networks," says John Kells, vice president of business development at TD Systems. "We've enjoyed working with Vixel's engineers to achieve interoperability between our products and we look forward to a productive partnership with Vixel." ...TD Systems profile, ...Vixel profile

Santa Ana, CA – November 15, 2001 – SimpleTech, Inc. today announced the launch of SimpleDrive Deluxe. Like the original SimpleDrive, formerly called DrivePak, SimpleDrive Deluxe is a rugged but lightweight, plug-and-play storage solution that can add up to 30GB of economical storage space to any Mac or PC. In addition, its compatibility with USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and FireWire makes SimpleDrive Deluxe the first external storage device on the market capable of supporting all three connectivity standards in a single, high speed package, according to Charles Hayes, SimpleTech's product marketing manager, storage products.

"Whatever your connection preference, SimpleDrive Deluxe provides the speed, portability, ease of use and broad-based connectivity needed for business use, home use or on the go," Hayes said. "At less than 16 ounces and about the size of your hand, it is the ideal choice for video editing as well as for storing digital photos, music files, games or other data. We believe it is the smartest way to upgrade your hard drive, off-load files, or take your data on the road and keep it safe."

Bundled with Retrospect Express software, SimpleDrive becomes a powerful, easy-to-use back-up and data recovery system. "For corporate users with a combination of FireWire-centric and USB-centric devices," Hayes said, "SimpleDrive Deluxe offers a seamless and high-capacity data transfer and local back-up solution easily utilized across multiple computing platforms."

Available in 6GB, 10GB, 20GB and 30GB capacities, SimpleDrive Deluxe enters the market at under $200. ...SimpleTech profile

Austin, Texas - November 15, 2001 - Dell today reported sales and earnings for its fiscal third quarter toward the high end of company guidance first provided in mid-August. Computer-systems customers worldwide chose Dell at record levels in the period, resulting in 20% growth in combined shipments of servers, storage products and workstations. A superior cost structure allowed the company to simultaneously gain three points of overall global market share and increase gross and operating margins. Dell was the only top-10 computer company to increase total product shipments in the quarter. Analysts said the company gained four points of global server share, seven in the United States. Shipments of Dell notebook computers were up 18 percent, and the company led that worldwide category for the second straight quarter. For the period, which ended Nov. 2, Dell reported net income of $429 million, or 16 cents per share, on revenue of $7.5 billion.

Capacity of both total and external storage capacity shipped during the quarter was nearly double that of a year ago. External storage revenue rose to 46% of Dell's category sales mix. ...Dell profile

Wilmington, MA - November 15, 2001 - Kentron Technologies, a leading provider of next generation memory technologies, has announced the formation of a new international alliance aimed at positioning its Quad Band Memory (QBM) technology as an industry standard. The Kentron Technologies' QBM Alliance Program provides its members with sales and technical assistance as well as broad marketing support such as added Internet presence and traditional marketing and promotional activities. It is a mechanism whereby key industry vendors, representing best-in-class complementary solutions to Kentron's QBM memory technology, can participate in the evaluation and implementation of products using QBM memory related technology and receive the most current updated technical design assistance.

The QBM technology is a module or board based technology that meets the bandwidth needs of the market place and extends the performance of existing DDR1 devices. QBM technology uses existing DDR devices (2.1 GB/sec bandwidth) and delivers the bandwidth expected from future memory devices such as DDR2 and ADT (4.2 GB/sec bandwidth). The QBM technology provides cost savings and a dramatic performance improvement over future DDR333 and DDR2 modules and other non-DDR compatible, more expensive memory technologies.

"At introduction, the QBM Alliance membership already includes VIA Technologies, Acer Laboratories Inc., STMicroelectronics, Denali Software, Integrated Circuit Systems, PNY Technologies Inc., Avant Technology, and Peripheral Enhancements Corporation" said Bob Goodman, Kentron's CEO. "The goal of this alliance is to continue to work with industry leading companies to implement the price/performance leading QBM technology into computer systems and telecommunication routers."

The Alliance program has been developed to include leading companies that provide critical DDR based system solutions such as memory controllers, system motherboards, routers, components and memory modules. ...Kentron Technologies profile, ...QBM Alliance
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - November 14, 2001 - BakBone Software™ Incorporated (TSE: BKB), a global provider of storage management software, today announced financial and operational results for the company's second quarter ended September 30, 2001. BakBone reported consolidated revenues of US$2.3 million for the second quarter, an increase of 94% from consolidated revenues for the same period in the previous year. Consolidated revenues increased 41% over the company's first quarter ended June 30, 2001. Management cited the strength of the company's technology, the company's business model, and the continued growth of the storage market as leading contributors to the positive results.

As well, net loss for the second quarter was down 18% to US$4.1 million or US$0.09 per share, compared with a net loss of US$5.0 million or US$0.12 per share, for the preceding three-month period. The improvement is, in part, due to the restructuring that took place in the beginning of the quarter, including reduction in headcount to a level in line with industry norms as well as the implementation of company-wide cost savings goals. This improvement is a key indicator of the company's commitment to its shareholders.

"I am pleased to see that our plan is working," said Keith Rickard, BakBone's President and CEO. "While we continue to live within our means, and be mindful of the current economic situation, we are still experiencing solid growth. This last quarter, virtually all parts of our business grew, including a 70% quarter over quarter increase in North American NetVault sales and 77% overall revenue growth in Asia. As we continue on our path to profitability, I see no reason why we can't keep expenditures down, and continue to see solid revenue growth." ...BakBone Software profile

Hopkinton, Mass.- November 14, 2001 - for the fifth consecutive year, EMC Corporation is expected to finish as the world's #1 provider of external storage systems, and to maintain or extend its lead in the industry's major growth segments, according to a new 2001 report issued today by IDC. In its 2001 Disk Storage Systems Forecast and Analysis, IDC also forecasts EMC will take over the #1 market share position for the first time in the rapidly growing NAS segment.

The IDC report predicts EMC will sustain or extend its #1 position against all other suppliers in nearly every major information storage hardware segment for 2001. In the total external RAID market (storage systems connected to any computer operating system or network), IDC projects EMC will lead with a 25.3% revenue market share, more than the combined shares of the next two competitors. According to IDC, the market for external RAID storage systems will be $14.9 billion in 2001.

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