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PernixData is fundamentally changing how storage is designed and operated in virtualized data centers. The company's flagship software product, PernixData FVP, virtualizes server side flash to enable scale-out storage performance that is independent of capacity. No changes are required to VMs, servers or primary storage, ensuring maximum performance of all virtualized applications in a seamless, scalable and cost- effective manner. Based in San Jose, California, PernixData was founded by virtualization experts and backed by industry luminaries in the software space. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @PernixData.

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Editor's comments:- November 2013 - PernixData - which launched its first product in February 2013 and which closed a $20 million series B funding round in May 2013 - operates in these markets:- The company says its FVP (Flash Virtualization Platform) software - which works with flash from leading suppliers such as Fusion-io, Intel etc - can transparently aggregate and cluster server side resources and provides both read and write flash acceleration for VMware along with high availability - while inter-operating with iSCSI back end arrays.
PernixData - selected mentions in SSD market history

In February 2013 - PernixData exited stealth mode and unveiled the company's Flash Virtualization Platform which virtualizes server-side flash into a scale-out data tier for enterprise data centers.

In May 2013 - PernixData announced the close of an over-subscribed $20 million Series B funding round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) with additional support from existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners and industry leaders Mark Leslie, John Thompson and Lane Bess.
"In 2014 we will see the battle lines for the SSD platform being drawn up - as ISVs and SSD drive makers and SSD systems companies all try to convince you that any long term plans you make will be more future-proof if you use their software."
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new blog by PernixData describes the intermediate states of play for its HA clustered write acceleration SSD cache - from fault discovery to recovery
Editor:- November 5, 2013 - In a clustered, SSD ASAP VM environment which supports both read and write acceleration it's essential to know the detailed policies of any products you're considering - to see if the consequences - on data vulnerability and performance comply with strategies which are acceptable for your own intended uses.

In a new blog - Fault Tolerant Write Acceleration by Frank Denneman Technology Evangelist at PernixData describes in a rarely seen level of detail the various states which his company's FVP goes through when it recognizes that a fault has occured in either server or flash. And the blog describes the temporary consequences - such as loss of acceleration - which occur until replacement hardware is pulled in and configured automatically by the system software.

Stating the design principles of this product - Frank Denneman says - "Data loss needs to be avoided at all times, therefore the FVP platform is designed from the ground up to provide data consistency and availability. By replicating write data to neighboring flash devices data loss caused by host or component failure is prevented. Due to the clustered nature of the platform FVP is capable to keep the state between the write data on the source and replica hosts consistent and reduce the required space to a minimum without taxing the network connection too much." the article

SSD ASAPs - auto tiering / caching appliances
high availability enterprise SSDs

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