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SEEK Systems

Seek Systems, Inc. designs, builds, and supports high-performance e-mail management and data storage solutions. The company develops innovative software and hardware solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Seek Systems, Inc. is headquartered at 19501 144th Ave. NE, Suite B500, Woodinville, WA, 98072. Seek Systems can be contacted at (425) 806-7335. Information can be found by visiting or by e-mailing

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Editor's comments:- in the late 1990s SEEK Systems competed in the SSD market with a range of products for accelerating RAID systems. Its 2nd generation Xcelerator launched in 1996 supported upto a gigabyte of memory.
the fastest SSDs
the fastest SSDs
When Cheaperbyte's boss said
"Accelerate your storage!"
he knew just the right way to do it.
Are MLC SSDs Safe in Enterprise Apps?
This is a follow up article to the popular SSD Myths and Legends which, a year earlier demolished the myth that flash memory wear-out (a comfort blanket beloved by many RAM SSD makers) precluded the use of flash in heavy duty datacenters.

This new article looks at the risks posed by MLC Nand Flash SSDs which have recently hatched from their breeeding ground as chip modules in cellphones and morphed into hard disk form factors.
which technology to choose? - read the article It starts down a familiar lane but an unexpected technology twist takes you to a startling new world of possibilities. the article

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