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editor's notes from SSD Market History.

This (below) is an archived page which shows details of various tiny industrial SSDs from WD which were featured here on in Q3 2012.

Details may have changed since then - or the products may have been EOLed - depending on when you see this.
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Surviving SSD sudden power loss
Adaptive R/W and DSP ECC in flash SSD IP
Efficiency - making the same SSD - with less chips
BOM control and the mythical "standard" industrial SSD
manufacturer model description
WD Solid State Storage WD SiliconDrive A100 The WD SiliconDrive A100 is a 3Gbps mSATA SLC SSD family from WD which occupies a physical footprint approx 51mm x 30mm x 5mm

Available capacity options are from 2GB to 64GB.

OS support includes:- Windows 7/XP/2000, Windows Server 2003 and Linux, and Mac OS.

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WD Solid State Storage WD SiliconDrive U100 The WD SiliconDrive U100 is a small form factor USB 2 compatible SSD with the high integrity features of the SiliconDrive family (including PowerArmor protection) for embedded applications. It is available with 2GB to 32GB SLC capacity.

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