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editor's notes from SSD Market History.

This is an archived page which shows details, below, of the E-Disk® VME SSD - featured here on in 2003.

Solid state disks

Solid State Disks in VMEbus form factor from BiTMICRO Networks
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BiTMICRO Networks E-Disk® VME

BiTMICRO Networks E-Disk VME products deliver a solid solution for data storage and protection while providing the powerful performance and speed today's data-intensive applications demand. They feature patented FlashBus storage technology to speed performance, eliminate system bottlenecks, and offer durable storage for easy installation and start-up. E-Disk all-electronic

VME solid state hard disk drive and flash drive solutions require no device drivers for installation and operation, do not need hard disk drive battery back-up nor UPS for data storage non-volatility.

The convection or conduction cooled VME cards are available in 6U double slot form factor. They boast I/O rates of up to 9,500 IOPS, burst rates of up to 40 MB/sec, sustained rates of up to 34 MB/sec, and capacities of up to 98.3 GB.

  • 1,500 Gs Operating Shock
  • - 40 to + 85 degrees C
  • 500,000 Hours MTBF
  • 120,000 feet Altitude
  • No Device Driver Required
  • Ultra Wide SCSI
  • Completely Bootable
  • user customizable data sanitization

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