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Notes from SSD market history

The product shown below, from Imperial Technology (which is no longer in business) is an example of a rackmount SSD accelerated SAN router which was featured here on in June 2003.

Solid state disks

MegaRam-5000 from  Imperial Technology
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Imperial Technology MegaRam-5000

Enterprise-wide Centralized SAN and SSD Router Solution

The MegaRam-5000 provides multi-department centralized or enterprise-wide shared solid state accelerator resources for transaction intensive environments. Geared for mission-critical OLTP enterprises, the system delivers proven performance and proven results in enterprises around the world. Featuring an array of integrated high-availability features, the MegaRam-5000 is a defining standard for solid state disks.

The MegaRam-5000 is a forward-looking solution to the growing implementation of enterprise-wide SAN's. Positioned as a centrally located, centrally managed storage pool, the system facilitates shared connectivity of multiple SAN "Islands" within the fabric infrastructure and facilitates fail over nodes, clustered servers, redundant data paths, and real-world performance of thousands of IOPS in an application environment. The MegaRam-5000's seamless integration into director-class fabric switches and interoperability with Storage Virtualization componentry provides a scalable and multi-faceted tool for responding to the particular needs of today's competitive enterprise.

  • connectivity (mix and match):- 2 to 16 SCSI, 1 to 8 fibre-channel
  • capacity:- 1G to 51G solid state
  • access time:- 0.035 milli-seconds
  • package:- desktop, or 5U rackmount

more info

Transaction-intensive environments demand high-performance and Imperial's MegaRam-5000 responds with up to 16 port connectivity and over 100GB of capacity in less than 9 inches of rack space.

A commercial airline deployed dual MegaRam-5000's in conjunction with IBM Websphere MQSeries EAI software and Clustered 2+1 HP Unix servers to ensure timely kiosk processing of passenger check-in and boarding document.

"The MegaRam saved us from having to upgrade to the next level of server which would have cost us more than three times as much; the ROI was immediate and undeniable," Guiven Kivilcim, President Radiant Telecom.

Budgetary pricing starts at $40k.

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